Rebuilding A Life!

When my world turned upside down three years ago, I felt like I was at Ground Zero. I left my marriage, a religious background and a job, all with much tenure.

It was daunting being alone in that new space. I lost many friends and family, basically a whole identity. So what was I supposed to do now?

Well I realized I had an opportunity to really define myself. Within that new quiet space, I pondered who I was and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I took the time to enjoy that solitude. Here are some of the things that I did that helped me grow and eventually recreate a new life, brimming with possibilities:

1.       Developed a positive attitude.
I woke up every day excited that I did not have those old negative attachments. I was free. I had a new job and met new people. I was curious about time and what I could do with it. I refused to bemoan the losses and looked at the brighter side of things. I focused on the positives and not the negatives. If you focus on the negatives that is all you will see and receive. Keep it positive. The world was really your oyster.

2.       Read things I could not read before.
I love to read, so I immersed myself in how to improve my life. I went to the bestsellers list and picked great books and immersed myself in them. I created a monster because now I’d much rather have a book and a blanket and lie on the sofa and get lost under the spell of words.

3.       Learned to meditate
This was the best thing I ever did for my mind, body and soul. There are many different outlets you can find that will help you travel down the road to mindfullnes. This helped me to also get in touch with my inner spirit.

4.       Dated myself.
Yes, I got dressed up once a week and went out, alone. I had been with one person for so many years I enjoyed being with myself and not having to create uncomfortable small talk. Instead of looking for someone to fill time with, I decided to work on me and when that person shows up, I’ll be better for it.

5.       Talked to complete strangers.
You would be surprised how a smile can open up a dialogue and you’d be amazed at some of the people who you’ll meet. Many of these strangers eventually became friends.

6.       Became best buds with nature.
I am in love with nature in a way now than I ever was before. I appreciate and am in wonder of it.

7.       Befriended a kid.
Well, my friend’s daughter captured my soul. So I basically opened up to her and developed a friendship and through her I reconnected with my inner child.

8.       Expanded my presence on social media.
I am a big social person, live and behind the monitor. I sought out like-minded people. I gravitated toward positive people. Because of that I was constantly bombarded with uplifting thoughts. I built relationships with people online.

9.       Road trips/Day Trips.
There is something to be said about getting in the car and driving away from your surroundings. Pick out a destination to explore, and plan some activities while you are there. Just make sure you are safe if you decide to take a trip down Route 66.

10.   Knowing it will get better.
It took time for me to build up my old life. So I know it would take time to build a new one. But remember, you can be more selective now, because every person is a new adventure. You don’t have to adopt a tribe just because you feel lonely. You can select everyone and most experiences.

It’s important not to be so hard on yourself and not rush the process of reinvention, it happens at its own pace.

Over time you will find yourself looking around and realize year after year it only gets better.

These were some great ideas that worked for me. Think about yourself and what you love to do and get out there and recreate life the way you dream it. Watch it fall into place before your very eyes!

Live the Life.

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