Spiritual Awakening: Develop Spiritual Habits!

“Good spiritual habits and routines turn into better lives.”
― Amanda Penland

I have a friend who has made some remarkable changes in her physical appearance through diligent diet and exercise. She has taken her journey and retrofitted it to assist others to do the same. As with so many of us who are working on living a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and eating properly among other things are the key ingredients to enhancing your lifestyle.
The same applies to a spiritual life.

One day you may find yourself awakening to a new way of being, living and thinking. In essence your spirit, who you really are, is becoming aware. To hold and expand the experience, it is vital to develop a daily spiritual practice. One has to develop daily spiritual habits!

For me, meditation has become a daily habit. If left up to my own devices I could meditate all day long.  However most times I fall into that clear minded space before I get out of bed. That’s really an optimum time for me to do this. But there are times when I have to hit the ground running and have to meditate later in the day. I can tell you that when I don’t meditate in mornings, my days get a little out of hand. So I make a concerted effort to do it first thing when I awaken.

For some, connecting with nature on a daily basis, grounds them to the energy of the Universe. Sitting outside for even a few moments watching the day break can add miles to your soul. Others make time for reflection, prayer or a positive scriptural verse. Writing a few sentences in a journal that requires inner thought is a way of exercising your spirit. Another good way to pump up your spirit is by reading a powerful affirmation in the morning! Holding a positive intent all day can do wonders for the soul and done on a daily basis helps your spirit to expand.

Then there is the powerful vibration of music. I worked somewhere that required me to be at work at six in the morning. You had better believe that I car danced to work most mornings, listening to something loud! Maybe you are not as hyper as I am, so something more soothing may suit you. Listening to positive music on a daily basis is a great way to put some umph into your spiritually awakening soul.

There are various ways to get your spirit moving and growing. Find what works best for you! But you have to be consistent at doing the work of connection. Do something to enhance your spiritual awakening every day! You want to keep growing spiritually, so keep feeding your soul and do your spiritual work out!

Live the Life!


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