Spiritual Awareness: Open Mind, Heart and Life!

“The greatest potential we have for opening our hearts lies in the opening of our minds.”
― Vironika Tugaleva

I am a pretty open-minded and open-hearted person. But I was not always this way. I grew up in a somewhat reserved atmosphere. However as I got older and discovered an immense fascination with people I became more open because I wanted to really get to know others. I became more inviting of people into my crazy little world. I hold very little of myself back. I have learned much about others and myself and grew in many ways. Being an open person, sharing my life and feelings with others has greatly enriched my life.

Being open-minded exposed me to different types of people, from various cultures, backgrounds and attitudes. I view it as a challenge and I don’t shy away from anyone and that has led to some pretty interesting and hilarious experiences! I see everyone as my brother and sister, the more open-minded that I am.

Having an open mind has led to the development of an open heart. In a state of heightened self-awareness, I can honestly say this has expanded my life in many ways.

An open-hearted person is operating from a place of confident vulnerability and a heart seated securely on a cushion of love. Imagine the love of the universe coursing through you and if you don’t express that emotion you’ll explode. Your heart is so full, you cannot help but approach each situation openly and feel love in its highest form for people.

Will people do or say things that may hurt you? Of course, but along with an open heart full of love, therein lies other emotions such as compassion, kindness and forgiveness. The hurts are buffeted by love and you will view people through that lens. You don’t take offense easily and move past things quite swiftly. When you approach life from an angle of love, you cannot go wrong because you are aligned with the most powerful emotion known to man.

It takes courage and fearlessness to be an open person. But I have found that in most cases, it draws people to me. There is nothing more invigorating than meeting a stranger at the beginning of the night, opening up and sharing our stories and becoming friends for life at the end of the night. Being especially brave and open about spiritually awakening has given me many opportunities to learn and meet fascinating people.

Openness in my relationships has also taken things to a higher level of understanding. With vulnerability there are no hidden agendas or games and the cutting to the chase is much quicker. It also helps me to move away faster from people who are close-hearted.

But the biggest lesson I have learned about being open is by observing other open-hearted, open-minded people.  They tend to have a meaningful impact on others. That selfless ability to allow a person into your psyche without much effort creates a tremendous opportunity for powerful and deep personal connections. Being unabashedly real with others somehow moves people.

Open people remind us that they are just like us. They are attainable and available. They have been through trials, hardships and triumphs, and share their stories with the world. They tend to be big givers, of themselves and to others. I am sure you can come up with a great list of these people and you may have some favorites. These are the people making a difference in the world.

When we are open we are more in tune with ourselves, the environment, and people, and as mentioned earlier we are more connected to the whole. We experience fullness of life and the full breath of love because our hearts are so open love keeps flowing in and out. Life is a beautiful colorful ride for the open-hearted, open-minded traveler.

Live the Life!


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