The Road To Inner Peace.

“The quickest way to experiencing the peace inside, is to learn to recognize when I am not at peace.”
― Jim McDonald

Near the top of the ladder of awareness is this beautiful place called inner peace.  I have had moments of this emotion only find myself slipping in and out of it from time to time. I have spiritual goals, so being unable to maintain this place was frustrating to me. I am happy, joyful and loving and I feel those emotions on a consistent basis, so what was causing me to have these moments of unrest?

Well it took a week of insane adversity and a huge emotional release to realize that I needed to face reality about a few things in my life. I had to accept some things that I had been avoiding and wrestling with to work my way back to peace and hopefully finally stay there.

One situation forced me to completely release an area in my life that frankly I have naturally been attached to from birth. My family and I are on different vibrational levels at this juncture in my life. I understand that right now, many of the people I love do not completely understand me and where I am going, how I think these days and even why I believe the way I do.

However I understand more than they do, where they are on their journey and that really helped me to look at them from a higher perspective and know that all things happen in their due time. I viewed them through a lens of deep understanding and love and leave the rest of our story to unfold, when the time is right.

The second situation finally resolved itself after I had spent considerable time trying to completely understand this event that was happening in my life. Matters of the heart can be very distressing when the answers are not forthcoming. This all goes back to my previous blog post where I wrote that the puzzle pieces of our lives eventually come together to form a clear image. In a sudden clear epiphany that had me jumping out of bed, tripping in the sheets, falling head first on the floor, rushing, trying to get to a box of journals in my garage, I finally found all the answers I had been seeking.

I literally saw all the puzzle pieces finally fitting together and the complete big picture. The peace that accompanied this revelation was enormous, because I now finally understood everything. Gone was the frustration behind the issue.

The funny thing is I had been asking, begging the Universe for peace. Over the past few weeks I kept doggedly leaning on what I knew was powerful enough to bring it to me. You see, I can’t think, or do my work if I am not at peace. Since I have an assignment like everyone else on this planet, the Universe made sure my path and mind was clear and my heart at peace, so I can effectively accomplish this task. Now, I feel inner peace. Knowing I won't have to have to revisit these issues and that the Universe is really in control of everything is like a breath of fresh air! 

You may very well find yourself wrestling with something and you can feel your soul at unrest. If so, sit down and quietly ask for the guidance you need to understand the source of your unrest. Be prepared however, because when it’s revealed to you, it may be shocking what you have to do or face that stands in the way of attaining your peace or have it being restored. But rest assured, what is presented to you to shift or accept in the long run will not be lost to you!

It’s all a part of awakening your spirit. You have more help and support that you could ever imagine as you travel down this road. Trust me, doing what needs to be done to have your inner peace realized will be truly worth it!

Live the Life!


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