Spiritual Awareness: Profound Distractions Can Inspire!

“All profound distraction opens certain doors. You have to allow yourself to be distracted when you are unable to concentrate.”
 Julio Cort├ízar

When I started to dedicate time to writing for Vivadivine earlier this year, there was an energy that I have never felt in my life. I am shocked that I have been able to write three posts a week, some times more and even compose posts in advance. Then I started adding video blogs and that created even more energy for what I love to do, which is share my life with others. Life is an inspiration for me.

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a lot of shifting and transitioning in my life and in others around me. It seemed as if there was a tremendous releasing and then a period of restoration and redirection had kicked in for many of us. This further adds to the in-spirit, or inspiration that fuels me.

But then I noticed something even more interesting that was happening to me. A distraction started to surface in my life. A first it was very faint and then I slowly started to become aware of it and it started on Saturday morning when I realized I had not posted a blog on Friday. How did this happen? I’ve been so diligent, I can’t start slacking?

As usual, here comes that angel in the form of a human being last night who said something that really made me stop and think: Distractions heighten our concentration. Now I really started to think, what is this distraction and was it something that was going to help me follow the path?

Well this distraction is definitely something that is going to expand my life. It’s going to give me a renewed drive and add to my inspiration. My distraction is love.    

When love starts to COME at you, it can take you by surprise, especially when you have been more focused on mostly giving it than receiving it. It can sneak up on you or better yet, if it’s been patiently waiting for you it will surprise you out of nowhere.

So once I realized that this was what caused me to completely miss a blog post, I decided to concentrate on it, at least for a while. I am going to put some focus on it so it will enable me to be in a bit of wonder. I am going to allow it to inspire me and hopefully inspire others.

I guess what I am saying is, if I miss a blog post over the next few weeks, my readers will know why. And if you’ve been following my life story, I am sure you will completely understand.

Lovingly distracted, yours truly.

Live…no..wait! LIVING the divine life!


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