Musings: Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

I was musing the other day wondering why is it bad things seem to happen to “good” people? And how is it that it seems that “bad” people seem to get away with so much?
Then those two questions led me to wonder are people really “good” or “bad”?

From the vantage point of where I live my life these days people are just people. Maybe we are born inherently blank and then over time our experiences mold us into who we are. These experiences result in the choices we make that drive our lives.

So let’s look at good people. One definition of a good person is someone who lives from the heart. I think we all know someone who is like that. They treat others with respect and kindness and go the extra mile. They are lovers. We notice them and the things that they do that warm our hearts. They may even be a bit transparent and share life challenges they are going through.

So when something happens to them, these pioneers of love, who we are actually in some small way looking up to, we are devastated when a major tragedy hits their lives. We rush to their sides to keep them buoyant because in truth they lift us up.

I have a dear friend who lost her daughter, her only child to a tragic car accident. This beautiful soul is a champion for other people; taking people under her wing and fighting many battles for others. She is the kind of person who would give you the shirt off her back; she does that much for others. So when her child died, it was devastating, at least it was for me. I could feel her heart crack. Why did this awful thing happen to her?

Well time and unforeseen occurrences befall us all. In reality it could happen to anyone else’s child. As a mother, she is not immune from tragic circumstances. But because we know her and who she is, it hit us hard. Because it was so personal and we have seen her goodness it felt unfair.

But good people have as much tragedy as those who do not live as fully out of their heart. It’s just that heart-full people may react and respond uniquely to life. Because they live out loud with their emotions on their sleeves they feel so much and we feel them too. They are very resilient people. They handle hurt head on and because of that they heal in beautiful ways. They sometimes get even softer the harder the blows that they are hit with.

And because they are so full of love, we see their stories as so painfully unfair that a person who gives so much should lose anything precious. And what is really happening is that because they give so much love, they get it back in so many ways from all of us. Good people teach us how to love just as much as “bad” people do!

So does it really make a difference if someone is good or bad? When tragic things happen to those who are not as open hearted should we not feel just as much sadness for them? Maybe we should to some degree. If you smother them with love regardless of their heart condition, will it cause them to become more tenderhearted and “good”?

Food for thought.

Keep living the divine life.


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