Spiritual Awareness: Dreams Are Clues To Your Reality!

“Pay attention to your dreams.
God's angels often speak directly to our hearts when we are asleep.”
― Eileen Elias Freeman

When I was a little girl I had this recurring dream where I was holding a bottle of nail polish. Nail polish was a big deal for me because we were not wealthy and for a little Jamaican girl it meant a lot to me. Each time I would have this dream I was very aware and determined that I wanted to take the bottle out of my dreams. I would hold on to it and I could always feel it making an indention in my hand. It felt real.

Of course I would awaken in disappointment, because I could not achieve this feat. How was it that this bottle of nail polish that felt so real to me in my dream would not materialize in my hand in the real world?

This recollection of my dream hit me yesterday out of the blue and for the first time I completely understood what it meant to me.

Sometimes we dream of things we want in life. In our dreams or our daydreams we see these desires and want them so badly that we wish we could pull them out and make them a reality. Well that’s exactly what those dreams are trying to tell us. That in order to achieve them we have to CREATE them in the real world. That bottle of nail polish I was holding on to so desperately in my dream represented something I wanted and all I had to do was find a way to get the item to appear in real life!

Recently I have had to let go of some things I have always wanted. People with whom I have grown up and loved, suddenly are being shifted out of my life. At first I could not understand why this was happening.  These are people I deeply love and not have them in my life felt devastating. But time and time again the Universe kept telling me to let go. I refused! But the Universe always wins because it always has a plan. Sure enough, situations occurred where I was forced to release these special people.

At first I was confused. And then it slowly dawned on me that this was happening because I am about to have a bigger, broader experience and that I could not take these people with me right now. I have to leave them in the “dream world” of what I wish it could be, in order to have them in the real world the way it is supposed be.

I am learning one important lesson about finding your true path, especially if your path is one that may be very important and it is this: You must release! You cannot take everyone with you, even if you know without a doubt that they are a part of your journey. Everyone is on their path at the pace they are meant to go. Maybe, by you releasing them you can be the light bearer by your actions that spurs them on. But if you don’t release and let them go for now then you are holding back your momentum. Release the dream and wake up to reality and begin the walk that is meant for you today.

I have since bought lots of nail polish, I no longer have those dreams from my childhood. And I am learning to listen to Divine Guidance with open ears when I find myself trying to hold on to something. When I am fighting to hold on, that is the key clue that I need to let go!

I hope my perspective helps you if you are dealing with something similar. Just remember that whatever you are being asked to release, you will be receiving something that is bigger and brighter than in your dreams!

Keep living the divine life!


Image: Original Art by Josphine Wall 

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