Spiritual Awareness: The Spiritual Cheerleaders!

Love is cheering and sharing and compassion and giving and receiving. Love is an action thing more than a word thing that brings comfort or joy or relief to anyone or anything.
-Ziggy Marley

In the last four weeks I feel I have been in Universal Boot Camp and not by choice. Things have been coming my way at a rate so swiftly that I am close to begging for a spiritual vacation. I need a beach on a deserted island and a pool boy bringing me rum punch by the buckets! It’s been a crazy ride!

From all this energy, I started feeling wimpy at one point and it showed up when I was visiting my good friend Kia. We were having a conversation where I went into a mini self-deprecating mode about what I was working toward involving my purpose. I launched into a set of verbalizations where I was lessening the impacts of my goals.

She lit into me, rightfully trying to readjust my point of view and I became defensive. She practically yelled at me. She told me I needed to stop talking for a change and listen. We both ended up in tears from the conversation. Even though I was holding on to my ideals, I was not upset with her, because I know she was saying to me coming from a good place. I just felt she misunderstood me and that she saw a bigger vision than what I had for myself in my mind.

Well that’s when things got very interesting because what I missed was that the Universe had sent her as a messenger and since I was not going to listen to her then the energy and information was going to be ramped up against me. For days afterwards, I could not get our conversation out of my mind. It was as if the Universe was screaming: “Kia is right! There are big things in store for you! Get over it! There is nothing coming your way that you will not be able to deal with! Quit ya whinin’!”

So a few days ago, I had to eat humble pie, call up my friend and ask her to please call off her angelic forces! I got the message!

The moral of the story is not really about me and my issues, the goals and the way I was trying to circumvent attention away from the bigger picture about why I am here. It is about my girlfriend and her love and vision for me. Sometimes people DO see things that are bigger for you. Our dreams may be at fifty percent but they see them at the full measure.

These are the people will be there in the event things explode in your life to celebrate your achievements and to keep you grounded. Even if our mindset is humble, we still have to allow others to fill out our dreams for us, because we may only be seeing things from one angle. They are there to pump us up, so we can fulfill all that is being asked of us. They will be the ones cheering us on when we want to give up when things get hard! They would not be there if we really did not need them. In truth when you really think about it, we are so blessed to have people like that in our lives because it could be so different. It could be the opposite, where we have someone in our space who is tearing us down!

Frankly, I had to slap myself because I too have been in the position where I saw bigger things for those I love and wanted to add fuel to their dreams! Yes! It was a big get over yourself moment for me!      

So allow those who love you to fuel your dreams. Let them share the biggest, brightest vision of you, with you!
They are messengers sent to convey the truth that you’re on the right path. Be grateful for these Spiritual Cheerleaders! Rah-Rah!

Live the Divine Life!



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