Develop Positivity By Facing Challenges!

“Embrace each challenge in your life as an opportunity for self-transformation.”
 ― Bernie S. Siegel

People ask me how is it that I seem to stay positive and happy on a consistent basis. Don’t get me wrong I have my blue days but they don’t last very long anymore. It is really a deliberate choice to become who I am today. At some point, I recognized acutely that I was unhappy and decided one day it was unacceptable. But when I look back on my life I see where I have been taking certain steps at different times in my life to grasp the happiness that I intuitively sensed was attainable.  One of the things I believe that helps me be a happy person is by facing the challenges life dishes out and not run away from them.

I lost my father when I was three years old. I have no memory of him. That loss definitely had a huge impact in my life, growing up as a fatherless girl and not having very many father figures to guide me. But I was fortunate in my late twenties to become aware of this disadvantage. That awareness and trying to understand it, spiritually led me to a book that saved my life, by explaining to me why I had always felt a hole in my soul. I instantly put myself into psychotherapy and learned to understand myself and was given tools to use that would help me not fall into the traps that many women who lose their fathers at an early age can fall into.  Today I am a happy and balanced person because I took the time to do the work and heal through that loss.  

I chose not to go to college after high school. I knew that I was putting myself at a certain disadvantage by making this choice, but I honestly did not know what I wanted to do with my life at eighteen. So I opened up my life to different opportunities and one was learning to manage groups of people working in retail in my early twenties. Managers saw in me a desire to learn and lead. They guided me on how to effectively interact and motivate others. I also learned other important skills, by never turning down things that were offered to me, many of them I was secretly intimidated by. But I figured if others saw the ability in me then maybe I should grab the opportunity and learn something new. I have never regretted taking this attitude.

I was always a voracious reader and approached things from a beginner’s mind. If I wanted to learn something that no one could teach me, I read a book about it. By approaching learning this way at my own pace I was able to do work that I really enjoyed. Doing what I enjoy makes me happy.

My marriage was another challenge I walked into with my eyes open knowing that it was probably not the best union. But I was persistent to make it work regardless of how challenging it was at times. This is where learned a great deal about myself and also where I discovered my inner strength. Many times we believe that if a person were to change their behavior in a relationship, things will get better and that is true to a point. However, I learned when facing conflict, you also have to look at your behavior and what needs to be adjusted. Over time I made many efforts, but they were not met and so I was able to walk away with a clear conscience that I had done all I could do on my part to make the situation work. I have a peace of mind which contributes to my happiness.

I face my fears and that is by far the best and fastest way to gain control of your life and achieve inner peace and happiness. If there is something uncomfortable that needs to be said or done, I find it’s best to face the music and start singing as soon as possible. Own the situation and do not run away from it. The faster we deal with uncomfortable situations, the quicker we get through them and can move on to learning what we need to. When we avoid our challenges, they will keep resurfacing and yes, they keep us up at night. Our soul is not at peace if there is a pebble rubbing against it. So facing problems head on and dealing with them and moving past them, has contributed to me a living life in a positive space.

If you look at your life as a story, and you are the hero who has to overcome each challenge to reach the goal at the end of the book, life takes on a different perspective. Just like any good book, it will be a drama, comedy and love story all rolled up in one. Everyone loves a story with great ending. Live your life as if you are telling a story for someone else to read and be inspired by. Ride the storms with tenacity, face your challenges and overcome them, grab your happiness and run to your glorious end!

Live the Divine Life!


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