Spiritual Awareness: It's About Dharma, Baby! Synchronicity At Play! Part 3.

“Pay attention to the intricate patterns of your existence that you take for granted.”
― Doug Dillon

We have to pay attention to the signs and patterns in our lives that will eventually lead us down a path toward our contribution to this world.

After spending over twenty-two years with my mind trapped and a purpose stalled I finally emerged from a spiritual awakening, happy and blissful in ways I had never been before. In one moment of sheer gratitude I offered my life and whatever efforts I could muster up to help at least one person experience what I felt. And in that one night my whole life changed. Something awakened me for a reason so I started asking myself: What am I to do?

I toyed with a few things but nothing seemed to come to fruition. Until that one day when a voice in my head clued me into my love of reading, writing and sharing what I had learned on life’s journey, as the avenue to do what I am doing now.

But here is where it all fell into place. Many years ago a good friend gave me a beautiful gift called Vivadivine. It was a name coined for me to use as an alter ego when I was performing these hilarious dance routines at clubs in the gay community. I held on to that name and used it over the years not really thinking much about it. I now realize that maybe all along the Spirit was still leading me gently, because I started doing things with the name, not really understanding how it would all fall into place in the end.

While I was still under control, I decided one day out of the blue to lock down the DNS name ‘Vivadivine’ on the internet. It is still sitting on hold and next year I will finally be using it to build a complete website for Vivadivine. Next I created a YouTube channel, but did nothing with it for eight years. I also created the prototype for this blog in 2008 but hardly ever posted anything worthwhile on it. All these separate entities were all created without any clear reason why, I just did it.

It was not until I came out of the fog, and was somewhat awakened to what I really wanted to do, that I discovered all along the avenues were already there and all I had to do was fill in and flesh them out. They were sitting there waiting for me to put love and energy into them.

I look back now and see all these synchronicities and many more in my life leading me down a path where for the first time I feel my life has true meaning. I can also see the opportunities and the people whom I had left behind when I was twenty-one years old, miraculously show up in my life years later to serve as guides, teachers and partners.  While I have no idea where this is going to end up, I trust the momentum and the signs and follow the Divine guidance that is leading me.

If anything Vivadivine is in itself is the biggest synchronicity in my life. If my life’s work was to do the very thing I am doing now, and that was interrupted in my early twenties, something bigger made sure the purpose never died and emerged exactly as it was always meant to be. I wonder, where I would be now, and what would I be doing, if I had not taken that divergent path.

But it does not matter. I write this to tell you that whatever it is you are supposed to contribute, great or small, the Universe has a plan that cannot be derailed, unless we intentionally do so. If you are fortunate enough for the wheels in your brain to start turning, if you are sitting around doing something and sense there is something more for you to do, I encourage you to start looking deeper and asking the questions that could lead you to experiencing life in a way that is rich and rewarding.

Go back in time look and at your passions. Pay attention to the signs and people coming into your life. If someone says: You’ve missed your calling; listen. God is probably trying to tell you something.

Live the Divine Life.


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