Spiritual Awareness: Letters To Your Old Self!

The key to making healthy decisions is to respect your future self. Honor him or her.
Treat him or her like you would treat a friend or a loved one…- A. J. Jacobs

Over the weekend I was cleaning out some photos from my personal social media sites. I came across an album from an event I attended four years ago. It was great to reminisce on those moments, to see faces that I have not seen in a while and may possibly never see again. Life has changed so much in this short time frame.

Then I came across a few shots of myself. I was floored! Shocked! Was that really me? I looked so different. I was probably fifteen pounds heavier than I am today. I am smiling in the photo but my smile was not reaching my eyes.

I realized that the date stamp on the photo was five months after I had been hit by a vehicle walking across the street which had led me to evaluate my life. There were things I knew needed to be changed. But there I was in that photo, still involved in things that were contributing to my unhappiness. I was spiritually burdened and it showed!

As I was looking at that photo, I could not help but contemplate on what life is like now and what would I say to that girl who was struggling to find her happiness. I would probably tell her that in less than six months, certain events in her life would precipitate a change that would take her on a remarkable journey.

I would tell her some pretty freaky things are going to occur in her life that will lead her on a road of self-discovery. That she is going to have a whole new perspective on life and that somewhere in all this new adventure is a place of expanded happiness, peace and love. If I had a time machine I would send back to her an image of her future Self.

Sometimes we go through many changes in life that lead us down paths we cannot imagine. Have you ever thought of having a conversation with your younger Self, based on where you are in life today? What would you say to your Self from ten, fifteen years ago? Were you navigating some difficult times then and can now go back and say: “Everything will work out”?

We are always growing, things in our lives are more than likely much different than they were in the past. If you knew then what you knew now have some fun and go back in time a share the lessons you've learned.

It’s a great empowering exercise. It can teach you a most important truth that whatever it was that you were contending with, that it too will pass.

Live the Life.


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