Spiritual Awareness: Musings: The Soul Connection.

Somewhere in our psyche is this undeniable knowledge that we are looking for someone who complements us. At some point we realize it’s not really a half of our soul we are searching for, because all the love we truly seek is inside of us. No, this person is another soul who brings forth the best in us, our spiritual magnet and counterpart. It is two whole people who come together and create a bigger energy.

Many of us go through life hoping to find the ying to our yang and when we do it can be a very unsettling moment. We think we are prepared for it when in truth we are not. Because in our minds we believe that when we meet his person bells and whistles will go off and everything will be candy canes and popsicles. Instead, we are suddenly silenced because before us stands a person who we know intuitively has the ability and power to touch the deepest parts our souls. They can take us so high and so low and hurt us so deeply. It’s hard to explain how we intrinsically know this from the very start.

It frightens us, to realize this. It’s because anyone before this person did not set off alarm bells like this. The person standing in front of you has that much power and it creates an instant desire in you to run away from them.

God have a remarkable sense of humor, and as time goes on he keeps this person in your range. And even if countless years go by, other relationships materialize and fade and miles stand between the two people, he does not remove that soul recognition from your heart. It’s always there reminding you that someone evoked an emotion out of you that no one else since has been able to do. You can be with other people but in the dark of the night your soul will whisper their name.

Some of us have experienced this. We have felt the initial recognition and the immediate questioning. Some of us have run from the soul connection recall only to find ourselves smack dab in front of the person, forced to face them and our fears. It’s in the act of facing both that you come to a realization, that all along you have known that this person, out of all the billions of people on this planet, is the one person you actually WANT to be with. Your soul wants it, even though you may have tried to deny it. It’s not a need. It’s just a natural inclination and clear realization. You may have seen them at their worst and they may have done some hurtful things to you along the way. But the unconditional love that overcompensates for all that pulls you down to your knees. It’s unshakable, and undeniable.

But there are so many obstacles to overcome, distractions litter the possibilities. Other people come into their lives and in some strange way you find yourself standing back and allowing them the freedom to live their lives. Because that is how real love behaves. There is an inner trust with the Divine that when it finally feels this clear and sure, that if things are going to happen that they just will. And that if it does not then there must be a bigger plan that we are not aware of.

In the face of so many hindrances, how many of us are brave enough to know we have found the match to our soul and are able to stand down or walk away? At the same time, of how many of us would take that chance knowing we may have possibly found the love of a lifetime and completely let the person go? How many times does the Universe have to keep telling us to not give up in our hearts what it is that we truly feel? At what point do we just trust and believe and take the person’s hand and walk down that road so we can find out if what we are experiencing, if what we are being led to is something bigger than ourselves?

These are questions that only God and time can answer. Maybe we have to be in other situations for the clarity to come through. Maybe we have to be with other people who help us realize where IT is. As we sit in those moments when the clarity floods in, where will we be? Entrapped where we realize this place in not the right place, unable to get to where right is?

Deep within us there lies a beacon that is the light for the other person. It was placed there by someone who understands far more than we do. And sometimes we have to stand still and shine our light brightly enough for the other person to find their way.

And pray that their eyes are open enough so that they can see.



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