Spiritual Awareness: Set Your Frequency.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

It is amazing how a tiny shift in your thoughts can change your environment. From those thoughts come energetic feelings that we send out as vibrations and others pick them up and find their way to you.

I intentionally sent out thought ideas this year that I wanted to meet new and interesting people. People who resonated with the things I am learning and the path that I am happily skipping down.

It did not take very long for people to start showing up in my life. I was suddenly getting messages from people I have known for a while who I guess had been watching me. I was shocked to find that these people have been quietly living past the illusion for many years. But due to the fact that people tend to criticize what they do not understand they choose to remain in the shadows. I was able to form deeper friendships and celebrate the fact that a substantial crowd of fellow travelers were by my side.

When I venture out socializing I am always looking to meet a new person, who I can connect with. Being open has always been one of my strongest suits. I will talk to anyone, no one is a stranger. I have met the most fascinating people that way. Volunteering has also been a great opportunity for me to meet those who have a desire to serve others.

But one specific area I have been really open to is meeting men who are aware of their true selves and are walking boldly on a spiritual path.

What I found is that these men are not obvious to the naked eye. Not all spiritual men are gurus and yogis meditating for hours or walking around in monk’s robes. Some of the men I meet are actually your everyday guy just doing their thing. Some of them are teachers, businessmen, artists, it runs a huge range.

But what sets them apart is their sense of an acute awareness to life. These are the guys who seem to zone into me. I strike up random conversations with them in public places and end up down beautiful rabbit holes.

There is freshness and honesty in these conversations and at times a seductive picking of the brain. Their ideals are clear, and the usual game playing does not seem to exist. How can it? Two extremely aware people cannot hide from each other, you see right through everything.

Each time I meet a man like this we also seem to come to the same conclusion: That it is a challenge to meet people of the opposite sex who are self-actualized. We tend to be amazed that our paths have crossed and that people like us actually exist. We exchange relationship stories about not being to truly connect with people or walking away from people we have loved because we grew up spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

We discuss how it can be heartbreaking to have surface conversations about mundane things or engage in activities that really leave no lasting impression. There is a craving for something more substantial, a real exchange, a depth of sharing and learning. We tend to agree that the path to enlightenment can be beautiful and bittersweet at the same time. It’s a pleasure to find someone on a frequency that is similar to yours.

But then my whole ideals about relationships have changed so I am not surprised. Going down this road I know that my time is best spent with someone who is a collaborator. I never really bought into the googly-eyed relationship to begin with. I always wanted to build houses not play house. That ideal is more defined now.

A man who is in charge of his spiritual nature lives an all encompassing life. Life is more than his job. It is about constantly stretching the mind’s learning capacity. It’s about living from the heart and transcending his Ego. It’s about contributing something worthwhile to the whole. It’s about aligning himself with a woman who is a visionary. It’s about building a family of world citizens. It’s all about making a difference before he dies.

I am encouraged every time I meet a man like this, always knowing that they existed. I learn so much each time one of these diamonds crosses my path. I just had to adjust my frequency, and get in tune.

They say like attracts like. You have to change the way you think about things and people in order to attract what your heart truly desires. There are friendships and potential relationships abound that are outside of the realm of average. We just have to make it a point to send out the right signal and give ourselves a chance to be found!

Live the Life!


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