Spiritual Awareness: The Soul Stare!

“The eyes are the window to your soul”― William Shakespeare

We have all heard the saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. How many times have you found yourself having a conversation with someone and looked deeply into their eyes and became so immersed in their soul? Doesn’t it feel as if you can almost “see” into the inner part of who they are? Do you find yourself seeing things about the person that goes beyond your physical sight, as if you can really know what is going on with the person?

We look at ourselves on a regular basis. We view ourselves in the mirror when we are preparing to go out somewhere. We may even study our appearance from time to time. However, have you ever sat down and looked, really peered through your eyes into your own soul?

I did that recently, when a friend of mine mentioned doing an exercise where he stood in front of a mirror and really looked at himself. Like you, I have never thought about trying this. I was very curious as to what my soul would tell me. So I decided to do a Soul Stare.

Before I did this exercise I took a few minutes to meditate and clear my mind. When I was finished I sat on the floor in front of a large mirror in my living room. I closed my eyes and relaxed and took three deep breaths. I then opened my eyes and looked at myself. I smiled back at myself. I closed I eyes again after a minute and took a few more breaths, opened my eyes and intently looked at myself.

For a half a second I did not recognize who I was. It was as if I was looking at a completely different person. It was startling.

After the initial shock, I focused deeply into my eyes and looked into my soul. Suddenly, I felt the connection and my soul reflected back something to me I was not expecting. I have always felt I was pretty happy, but here was a sadness that came from the deepest part of me. I started crying. It was as if out of nowhere, the childlike version of myself was talking to me! My soul was telling me something that I had long since thought I had addressed. It was telling me a specific truth and oddly enough comforting me at the same time.

I sat there for about ten minutes crying and listening to my soul speak to me. When I was finished I found myself in a moment of clarity that I knew I had truly needed.

I realized that even when we are growing through life and overcome challenges, there may still be some residue of these life events that are left over. Our soul holds on to that residue and it’s only when we really face ourselves and look into our soul that we see it.  The soul always tells you what is true.

I have since made it a habit to check in regularly with my soul just to see how I am doing. I feel as if when I am looking at myself, peering so intently I really am getting to know all of me. Since that first encounter with my soul, I have not cried again in subsequent “mirror moments”. I healed through that experience.

So now when I Soul Stare I see my soul grinning back at me, I understand that it’s completely happy and at peace.

If you ever want to hear what’s really happening inside of you, open up those windows. Sit down and LOOK into your soul and listen to what it is trying to tell you. Be prepared to be amazed and shocked all at the same time. 

Your soul may tell you some pretty amazing things!

Live the Life!


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