Spiritual Awareness: What Dreams May Come!

I dreamed I was a butterfly, flitting around in the sky; then I awoke.
Now I wonder: Am I a man who dreamt of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a man? 

You will never understand how much you take your dreams for granted until you start to raise your consciousness. One of the symptoms of a spiritual awakening is that you will start to have vivid dreams or visions. I am here to tell you, these new type of dreams are no joke.

I have awakened many times wondering: Did I leave my body, because it sure felt like it. I did! But that’s another post. I have had joint dreams with people, dreams so vivid I would wake up tasting the food I was eating. Do not get me started on the recurring dreams and the out of world nightmares. 

The list is endless when it comes to the things I have experienced in my dreams. At times I wonder if I have opened a portal to the fourth dimension and I fall through it every night. For those in the throes of awakening and want to get in the dream control game, here are some tips below:

Pay Attention: AKA Lucid Dreaming: At first I was just dreaming in a detached way. But now I am actively participating and observing the behavior of people in my dreams. You will become aware whether or not it’s your dream or another person’s. In another person’s dream you are paying attention to them and what they are saying and doing to or with you. In your dreams it’s vice-versa.

Timeframe: I noticed the dreams I was supposed to remember happened right after I fall asleep when I go to bed or wake up in the morning. It’s that REM stuff. But those are the dreams that usually have something in them you need to pay attention to.

The Dream Journal: I recommend this, because if you wake up and the dream is profound you want to get it fresh out of your head and review it later to see what the application is to your life.

Recurrence: If it’s important, you will dream it more than once. Usually by the second time you will know it’s important. Pay attention to how you feel when you awaken, therein lies the answer.  I had this recurring dream that my mother had just got up and moved away and did not tell either my brother or me. The second time I got the dream my soul knew what it meant. Pay attention.

Costars: YES! The people that keep showing up in your dreams are important. They tend to do or say specific things with or to you! You soul is trying to alert you to pay attention. At times your soul already knows why specific people show up in your dreams and you may be in denial.  Accept the images. Your soul holds its own history.

Dream interpretation: You can find many resources online that will help interpret your dreams. Just remember to use them with caution, not all applies. With that said I have found a consistency with some dreams. For example the car dream represents drive and direction in your life.

I had a dream about driving a cute little Mini Cooper with Audubon interior. I knew it was my car. It was made for me and I was able to handle and steer it well.

Then I had a dream that I was driving a car that belonged to someone else. This car was out of control and no matter what I did I could not use the hand brake to slow it down. I was bobbing and weaving through traffic trying my best to prevent getting the car from getting into an accident. Basically, it meant that in real life this person’s life was a bit out of control.
Yes, you will get insight into other people’s life in your dreams.

Dream Events: These are not mere dreams; they are bigger and go far beyond. They will have you questioning your sanity. You must remember that as your consciousness expands and you reach a higher vibration, you will encounter things that are on a higher vibrational level. So these events tend to change your perspective and your life. I had such an event in December of last year. Every time I question it, I get: “Shut up, it happened!”  

The Recall: Sometimes you know you’ve dreamed something but you can’t reach it. If it’s important you will be able to recall it. Calmly lay in bed and say: I want to recall this dream. Relax and allow it to come. The same applies when you are going to bed at night. Repeat to yourself three times before falling asleep, that you will remember all your dreams for the night. Answers to questions you may have asked or prayed about will pop up in your dreams. Know that when you have a question it will be answered in some way.

Messages: Whether or not we want to accept it, you make contact with the spirit world while you are asleep. Your mind and body are in a relaxed state and therefore if there is a need to impart messages to you they will. I can tell you countless times I have woken out of my sleep, wondering why I dreamed something. But when I followed up in my waking state, I was led to something that I needed to know or do.

Nightmares: The biggest thing I can share with you is NEVER FEAR! I have had some doozy nightmares and encountered some pretty scary stuff. Somewhere along the way I learned not to be afraid. Face your nightmares head on! There is nothing to fear.

These are just some of the ways I have learned to lean into my dreams and use them to my benefit. Create some habits of your own and enjoy the dreams.

Live the Life!


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