Spiritual Awareness: Following Your Life Plan.

“Listen to your heart; it will guide you on the right path.” 
― Lailah Gifty Akita

There is this interesting spiritual concept that I hold close and it’s that we are spiritual beings having a human experience in this school called Earth. It also includes a thought that before our spirits came here to learn we agreed on certain life lessons we would be a part of. We picked a certain Life Course.

To help us learn these lessons we agreed to interact with other souls on this mission. We chose our families, brothers and sisters, friends, spouses and even our children. When our spirits came here we lost the memory of these agreements.

I think it’s an interesting thought and when I applied it to the story of my life I could not help but wonder. At some point I did encounter people who seemed to fit into my life in very interesting ways.  I looked back at my life and I see where in my late teens where I started to move in a direction that almost seemed planned. Certain people showed up in my life, which made me pause, because they seemed soulfully familiar to me.

But somewhere along that path, I bottomed out. This was where I made a diversion. I went back to my former belief system and left all these wonderful people behind and started a new life which included getting married.

It was very odd because in the time frame I was in this diversion everything seemed off. I felt like I did not belong where I was. I also knew on a soul level that the man I was married to was not my soul mate. I actually knew this going into my marriage, but I plunged ahead, because I had given up hope on the alternative. I got married to this person but everyone including his family and friends, despite being wonderful people did not resonate with my soul. I felt out of place in more ways than one.

It took some years but I finally found myself out of that odd place.

Miraculously, when I re-emerged to my true plan, everyone who I had left reappeared in my life. It’s as if things picked up exactly where I had left off twenty years earlier.

I pondered about this recently and came across something interesting one day about what happens when a soul goes off its life plan. While there are those who watch to make sure we live out our life lessons, if a soul decides to deviate they will not intrude. That is because every soul has the right to freewill. So when I diverted off my plan, even especially when I had reservations about my impending marriage and prayed that if this was not the right choice to reveal it, no answer came. Because in the grand scheme of things everything we do serves as a lesson that we need to learn.

The fundamental lesson I was taught in those off- the-plan years was to listen to my heart. Deep inside of us is that story that always rings true. We hear it and we know it. And anytime we don’t listen to the truth of our hearts we usually learn a painful lesson and also draw other people into them. The compounded heartache I caused for two people who never were meant to be together is something I will live with for the rest of my life. If I had only listened to my heart it would have never happened.

I have since followed the whispering of my heart. Even when it seemed futile, I always stayed true, because of that painful seventeen year lesson. I follow my heart; express the love that’s in it, because I know that I am supposed to when I feel it. No matter what happens I know that if I do that then I have completed a very important part of the lesson.

I have since come to look at my life and realize that nothing is an accident. There are people on our plan who we meet for very important life lessons. They all teach us something. Whether it’s trust, kindness, friendship, honesty, courage, faith or unconditional love, these are possible reasons why we planned this whole experience. We planned this to grow our spirits.

So no matter if we stay on path or we choose to use freewill and divert, we will learn something.

Live the Life.



  1. Wonderful post! Are our mistakes really mistakes if we learn from them? Perhaps they are rather milestones on our way to fulfillment . So much wisdom here, you are great!

  2. Great way of looking at things...as long as we learn, right?


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