Vivadivine 2014: The Cliché Reflection Post!

I swore I would not do this; write a post about my reflections of 2014. It is such a cliché. However as I was driving around grabbing champagne and eatables for tonight’s celebration I thought to myself how could I not share what I have learned in my first year’s foray into sharing the journey I’ve been on for the last three years.

I started this blog this year to share with others the journey of a spiritual awakening. So it would be remiss if I did not open my mouth and say something about what I have learned this year. Here goes the clichéd post.

1.      Awakening is amazing. I can attest for the euphoric moments that you will experience when the scales fall off your eyes and you discover who you really are. It’s a whirlwind of uncontested happiness and joy.

2.      Awakening is painful. With your awareness growing constantly, you see the world with a new set of eyes. You become more empathic, and feel and see everything painful around you. The good thing is that this awareness will drive you further into your passion of service to others.

3.      You will start shifting away from those you love. This I think is one of the most painful experiences you cannot avoid. I lost four hundred friends on social media in one day. My family and those I loved stopped speaking to me. Why? Because I started vibrating love at a very high level and speaking in a way that they did not understand.  The painful aspect was that I tried to hold on to them and the lesson I learned was that I had to release them for now. We are on two different wavelengths. That led me to Point #4.

4.      Unconditional love is by far the most amazing emotion you will ever experience. I remember the day when it came over me. It was a clear realization no matter what anyone said or did to me, I loved them. My forgiveness and compassion grew in leaps and bounds which makes Point #1 worth every minute.

5.      When you wake up your brain becomes a sponge.  I have always loved to learn and reading is a favorite pastime. This love accelerated in great proportions. Information is exhaustible. It never ends; and there is always something new to learn.

6.      Your purpose becomes defined as you go along the path. Discovery of what you are supposed to be doing is not a linear experience. I started out just blogging and tweeting about spirituality and saw the responses I was getting and woke up one day with the term “spiritual life coach” emblazoned in my brain. Could I really help others on the path to spiritual self-discovery? Well next year my life coaching certification is something I will be studying for.

7.      You will discover new and fascinating people when you awaken. From gurus to spiritualists, to opportunities to learn, the people you need will start showing up in your life in droves. You will realize that you are not alone and you will be so welcomed. They love newbies.

8.      The connection you develop with the Universe or God will deepen. There are things that will happen that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt are of divine origin. Most people believe in miracles. But it becomes such commonplace for things to fall into your hands. Manifestation accelerates, the moment you think it, it will appear.

9.       You will become more creative and people will start interacting with you about your work. When I started creating YouTube videos, I tapped into a whole new set of friends. The tip is to be authentic and approachable. By being open and sharing the odd variants of awakening that are difficult for most to discuss, I opened up to a new world to meet people.

10.  Life just begins to flow. It’s hard to explain, but everything becomes easier. Love, joy and peace are constant emotions in my life. I worry less about what is going to happen and sit in the place of Now with more ease. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.

So there you have it; my clichéd list from my reflections of 2014. This was my first official year being open about my experience. I can honestly say it was a blast and I cannot wait to dig deeper and do more starting next year.

I would love to thank all my readers across social media and for all the emails and messages you have sent. I also have to say thank you to the online magazines that have picked up my novice writings. I cannot tell you how humbled I am that people all over the world are reading my story, this being my first year writing. Thanks for allowing me to share my journey and yours with the world

The kid gloves are coming off next year. Get ready! Have a safe and Happy New Year!



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