Spiritual Awakening: Navigating Through The Stages

“Our duty is wakefulness, the fundamental condition of life itself. The unseen, the unheard, the untouchable is what weaves the fabric of our see-able universe together.” 
― Robin Craig Clark, The Garden

There are certain stages to a spiritual awakening that most people experience. It varies with each individual how they may begin the process of self-awareness. However at some point as we process through the stages, enlightenment or being close to that experience is achievable.

On the path one of the first events to re-awakening or awakening can be seen as a type of catalyst. An event such as a sudden death of a loved one, meeting one’s soulmate, or loss of a job, can jolt a person out of spiritual slumber. A near death experience or a coincidental accident such as what happened to me in 2010 served as a definite jolt to my soul.

After that event things progressed somewhat quickly for me. The accident forced me to look at life differently. It reshaped my perspective and revealed the reality that I was devastatingly unhappy in many areas of my life. Then somewhere in my psyche an inner process of breaking free began.

The journey accelerates after one breaks free of the limitations that have been chaining them for years. A faint pathway begins to appear and events such as synchronicities show up as guidance. It may feel as if one has turned a corner. This was a period of extreme euphoria and happiness for me. I was floating on cloud nine constantly. My intuition became stronger and dreams more vivid. I started to notice that whatever I thought of would materialize. This is also the stage where your vibration gets higher and many relationships may start to feel somewhat conflicted.

When you feel this good about your life, you start to begin the investigation as to why and how it is possible. This starts a thirst for knowledge and understanding. It becomes insatiable. You cannot seem read or learn enough. Your brain actually starts to expand. This is where I was exposed to countless spiritual concepts that as I read them my soul came into full recognition. I would read things and find myself saying: “I knew this all along!” This is the stage where most people say your soul is beginning to remember exactly what you are. This stage is filled with joy and wonder.

As I started to understand more, my life purpose became extremely clear to me. All the years that I spent doing different things all seemed to combine to work toward a greater goal. My love for writing blossomed and the technical skills that I had acquired over time came into play.

As this stage I really became aware of the energetic power that every single person possesses. This understanding is what made it so clear to me that every single person on this planet is connected. We cannot get away from each other. Empathic abilities will become more defined at this stage. I started to feel more frequently and deeply about things. I realized I had information that was easily accessible. This is the point where I realized I could actually create the life that I really wanted.   

When you transcend to the next stage of awakening and you start to see the kind of life that is achievable, it becomes a focus. This will lead one to place of authenticity and integrity about everything you do. All your actions are now leading you on a path to achieve whatever it is you need to for yourself and the whole. So every step is taken with the intent to stay connected to the Source that has been guiding you all along.

Where I am now is a state of constant awareness. I see and hear everything around me, and understanding is available. It’s important to remember however, that while one is going through the awakening process that as the spirit grows and gets lighter the body still is limited and dying. So I have learned to be very gentle on myself when physical limitations or emotions suddenly surface. It’s just a reminder that the process of growth is continuous. Awakening is not a linear experience. There are hills and valleys. However over time, the valleys get shallower and the hills higher and more beautiful.

I always encourage people who I sense are waking up to develop the spiritual practice of still inner prayer. We have been taught to pray out and up. Once it’s understood that what we thought is outside is actually inside of us too, we develop a stronger bond with God or the Source of Life. After inner prayer, meditation is necessary. Once you learn to still the chatter in the mind you will be able to sense and hear spiritual guidance more clearly.

These two tips were what helped me acclimate to the process and probably why I awakened so quickly. That coupled with a strong desire to understand and become diligent about coming into the truth about who I am.    

If you are waking up you will clearly notice the stages. I know I have in retrospect. Embrace the experience and you will hopefully develop appreciation for the fact that you are finally coming alive.

Live the Life.


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