The Value Of Popular Spiritual Teachers

“The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can't be organized or regulated. It isn't true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth.”
-Ram Dass

For each level of consciousness on which a person exists there are guides to assist one along the way. However an important key is the ability of a person’s spirit to acknowledge where they are and to pay attention to the signs and guides that show up.

The lowest levels of consciousness are fear, shame and guilt. This is a place where the despondent live and acts such as suicide are played out. A guide may show up to prod a person past this stage or the person may sense an under-lying desire to look past the pain, to push through it in order to survive.

I was unaware I had lived in the lower places of awareness until I started to awaken. This place of pain was exacerbated by my controlling belief system. But my spirit was strong and willing and wanted to survive despite thoughts of suicide. My guides showed up in people within that belief system who said things to me that made me think.
When I finally started to break free, it was as if a hardened crust cracked and fell off my brain. Underneath was a soft cell, like that of a child.

I did not go to another step of consciousness where I needed human guides to help me to understand why I was here and what I needed to do with my life. I had enough of human intercessors and so I dashed all my beliefs and started from scratch.

I put out a challenge: If God really existed then IT had the burden to prove it to me.  I went from an atheist point of view, to agnosticism and eventually found myself standing in full acknowledgement that there is something extremely vast, infinite and much more powerful than we can conceive of which we are a part. I always deeply knew it was there, but now I was fully beginning to understand the depth in which this power exists.

Now what I went through is not rare. Many people skip the middle men and women all the time. I prefer living in the confidence that I have a direct line of communication that is specific unto me and my journey to self-actualization.

However there are many spiritual leaders, teachers and motivators that have graced the journeys of many people. They are necessary for those who need to begin with a general filtered source of divine guidance. The reason why they are important is that they resonate with a certain level of consciousness for certain groups of people. When you see people reading books or engaging with such leaders you will understand exactly where they are on a consciousness level.

For example, there is a reason why notables such as T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer and even Joel Osteen are popular. They stimulate the consciousness levels of those that have not as yet shifted from the belief that God is somewhat of a masculine form and that “he” is outside of us. But they are still leading people on the path. And somewhere in this equation a few of those people may start seeking something a little bit more.

That may land them in the space of the likes of Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle or even Teal Swan. When I listen to any of these people I quickly sense a resonance with them. I also sense a learning capacity growing because what they are talking about creates the spiritual quantum leaps that my spirit needs. I am acutely aware that my level of consciousness craves more in order for me to learn faster.

Regardless of where your level of consciousness lies, whether you need guidance or not, the most important point to remember is to stay connected. Each and every one of us has the spiritual ability to connect directly to the Source of Life.  Think of it this way: the guides are good, the information however can be general. You may be moved by many or a few points these teachers make. However, think of how fast your spirit will grow when you tap into that inexhaustible source and receive direction and guidance specifically for you. Think of having the solutions for your problems, your issues constantly at your fingers tips. This is the goal of the Divine Power that we all directly turn to it for guidance. This is what it wants for you!

Whether or not you care to believe it, there is a shifting occurring. I have seen it in my life and I can identify it in the lives of others. Mankind is evolving. People are waking up. They are asking questions and seeking answers to life’s questions. They are also realizing there is something more that is available to us.

Whatever way you walk this journey, make it personal. Whether you are utilizing general divine guidance, pay attention to what is being said. Those who are handling the spiritual tasks correctly will tell you to seek the Source or God on your own.  Their job is to motivate you to seek what is higher and to eventually embark on your own spiritual journey.

Even Jesus said: “No one comes to the Father except through me.” It’s like driving down a road and you are headed toward a tunnel. You have to go through the tunnel to continue down the road. So at some point you will go through the teacher to get to the Source on the other side.

That was always the plan; a return to the Source.
Source is life!


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