Spiritual Awareness: Allowing Your Dreams To Come True

“Hold fast to dreams. 
For if dreams die life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.”
― Langston Hughes

Today as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, I was moved to read his iconic “I Have A Dream” speech that has been a touchstone for so many people.

As I read the speech I realized that Dr. King spoke some powerful words to the Universe. He thought about the dream, and then he spoke about it and believed in it. In many ways, elements of the dream have come true. But the dream in its entirety has yet to be fulfilled. Why? It is because we have all stopped collectively dreaming the promise of those words. For that vision to take on fulfillment, we have to individually see it as real and keep breathing life into its existence. Dreams are one of our most power aspects of our spirit. Our dreams are powerful thoughts with a force beyond our imagination. Dreams are meant to manifest and become a reality. Our dreams are our creative aspect of our souls.

I know this because I have seen many of my dreams come to pass. I am sure you have too. As a child I dreamed of becoming a flight attendant and traveling the world. At nineteen years of age, I applied to Eastern Airlines for the first time to fulfill that dream. I was not accepted. I applied again a few years later and again was denied.

I gave up on my dream, because I eventually got married and thought it was not the right choice as a newlywed to be away from my spouse. But that half of the dream, to travel the world was always still alive and well. And so when I applied for the third time to an airline, this time as a customer service agent, I got the job. Thus I was able to travel the world.

But as I was working on the ground, I would see the flight attendants in their smart uniforms walking through the airport going to work and the dream was reignited. The next thing I knew I was in a training class to become a flight attendant. The dream came true. But miraculously, that initial dream took me farther than I thought. I was able to broaden my experience in aviation in ways I never imagined. Sometimes the original dream holds a bigger outcome than we think.

I have noticed it’s when I lose sight of my dreams, or when I think they are not attainable that the unfolding of the dream stalls. I have had many other dreams begin their unfolding. There were times I was on the path of the unfolding and was amazed that what I had dreamed about for years was actually coming true right in front of my eyes.  However, because of my own doubt, confusion and stubbornness, I stopped the process. Every single thing I have asked for has come my way at some point, but I have to learn to allow for God’s hand when he is blessing me with the deepest desires of my heart.

I am living the unfolding of a dream now as I write this. I dreamed of leaving the job I was in at the time and spending time writing and building my dream about Vivadivine. It happened! Step by step, inch by inch, I see how it is unfolding. Everything that will help me to fulfill that vision is coming my way. If you could see what I dream about at night about Vivadivine, the full vision I have for this and what I will be doing with it you’d be amazed. It is so real I can taste it.

When we were children, our minds were so open. We sent out clear messages that created responses in our adult lives. If you look back at what you have accomplished you will realize that some of your dreams have come true. But what about the other things you’ve dreamed of? Why have they not materialized? It’s because those dreams are the scariest. Those are dreams if they came true we think we would lose our minds. Those are the dreams that are so big, so beautiful, we somehow get into a mindset that they won’t come true. We give up on those dreams because maybe we gave up on the possibilities.

If certain things that we have dreamed of have come true, then WHY do we doubt about other things? Do we feel we don’t deserve those dreams to be fulfilled? We only dream of things that make us happy. Therefore we should never be afraid to dream every single dream all the way through. We should never be afraid live the life we have always dreamed of. When all the elements of those dreams start to materialize, with the right people, in the right places and within the right circumstances all we need to do is embrace them.

So I made myself a promise today, to re-start the dreams I saw coming true. There I things I am supposed to experience and if I don’t pick up those dreams again, they won’t happen. I have seen where I was being led and doubt will no longer be stumbling block.

I dreamed as a child exactly what I wanted and I have seen parts of it. Elements of the dream have already materialized and they are wonderful. Now it’s time for the whole picture to come into focus.

Please start dreaming again. Open yourself to what you have always wanted your life to look like. Have faith in things when they start to unfold. Do not doubt and trust what comes to you. Observe what comes into your life because it will feel like something you have been asking for. The biggest dreams we have, when they start to unfold, we may question them. But know that when your dream is about to unfold, your soul will know.

Live the Dream.


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