Spiritual Awareness: The Force Called Love

“Love is not the opposite of power. Love IS power. Love is the strongest power there is.”
― Vironika Tugaleva, The Love Mindset

I have been sitting on this train of thought for a while, not quite sure how to actually write a post on this topic. Over the past few years I have been experiencing something quite interesting. Via mediation and a few spiritual experiences I have found a new relationship with love. What I came out with, somewhat rocked my world a bit. I set out to do some research to see if this thought I was getting from meditation had been mentioned anywhere before.

I found a few interesting articles that actually supported some of what I had experienced. But the collective thought I have not seen expressed anywhere, at least not in this manner. So you have to understand that I was hesitant to share this perspective of love.
Yours truly thinking about how to write this...

However before I share this allow me to briefly share with you the ways I came to this interesting point of view.

When I was first learning how to meditate in the beginning of this journey three years ago, I was a bit cheeky with the practice. Basically I would intentional check the spiritual connection by asking to experience certain things. I have had some very interesting results. One day prior to meditation I asked to feel the power of love. A note of caution: Be careful what you ask for, because you will get answers.

I went into mediation and I ended up falling asleep only to be awakened by violent Kundalini vibrations. The vibrations were not new to me, however what was different this time was a loud and painful pounding in both my ears that rendered me immobile. 

When they finally subsided I was cupping both ears in my hands. The very first thought I had was: This is what love feels like. It is energy so powerful that my poor body was sore and my ears felt as if they would surely start bleeding.

I thought that mere humans could not actually handle the concentrated form of love and that the only way we can translate it is as an emotion. I say this because I have felt the power behind spiritual beings and they are direct aspects of love’s divine energy. I was left with awe from that experience.

About a year ago I had another spiritual experience with a few trusted friends. In a semi meditative state I found myself observing the entire solar system. The first immediate thought was that the Universe is an extremely peaceful place, when stars, planets and galaxies are not being formed of course. The peace that I felt was also the same as love. 

Love vibrates at such a high rate it’s almost still. I then felt the most euphoric and heart expansive feeling about the vastness, depth and power of love. I also felt a true connectedness with every single thing that was bonded in that love. Love is a powerful active force.

It’s odd because not very long after this, I came across an article where astronauts experience this same type of euphoria when they are in outer space. Some have said that when they are suspended in the vast stillness of space and observe our planet, one really realizes how small we are in the grand scheme of things. That they also sense the peace and quietness that we don’t get a chance to experience on Earth as it’s full of cacophonous sound.  Outside of our planets solar system peace and love are everywhere.

In the past few years I have come to this conclusion that as physical beings we may never come to know the true power of love. However if we can remember we are part of this universe we may be able to grasp the force and if we use it responsibly we can truly change our lives.

Love is a force. It’s the creative energy behind all that there is. Love changes things. If you place the force of love on anything, even gently you will see an affect. A good analogy for love is the force of water. If you allow water to push against a brick wall in time the wall will disintegrate.

Love is catalytic. If I carry love in my soul and I express it as an emotion toward someone whose spirit is as open, willing and permeable as mine is, I will get a similarly reactive opened response. It’s free flowing and clear. However if I express love to someone who is closed off and of a denser spiritual nature, I will get a reaction, as if chemical. But if I keep holding love there on that reaction is has no option but to eventually subside. Love will make what is resistant eventually pliable. It just depends on how long I want to leave it in place.

Love creates momentum and growth. Think about something you love doing. There is this energy that multiplies when you’re deeply engrossed and passionate about something. I know that since I have put much love into Vivadivine I have seen things grow in leaps and bounds. There is not telling how far things will go if keep love as the driving force behind anything I am passionate about.

I am sure you can see where I am going. Love is capable of doing a great many things. But the best thing about love, especially a love that resonates similar to what you might experience outside of the perimeter of this planet, is love creates more love and it is beautifully infinite.

Unconditional love that is free, always there, endless and abundant is probably one of the most mind-blowing things a human can experience. 

With unconditional love there is calm and peace. It’s not boisterous, nor agitated. It’s trusting and has no expectation. It does not need anything nor has any constraints. Love just is.

Now just imagine if every single being on this planet could harness that pure power and express it to every single soul they encountered. Sit with that thought and imagine being in outer space with all the love in the Universe.

Okay, now you see why I did not want to write about this?

Live the Love!


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