Spiritual Awareness: A Passion For Pinterest-Part I

Purpose is the reason you journey. 
Passion is the fire that lights your way.

Guest blogger Michelle shares with us her passion for Pinterest and how it lights her way on the path!

When I was asked to write a piece for Vivadivine about my biggest passion in life, I admit I was happy to do it but was hard pressed to pin point one particular thing I was really passionate about. I have found that throughout my life, I have become very passionate about many things, like most people. But I was having a difficult time deciding what to write, so I asked myself, “What do I write about, animals? Which has been a loving endeavor since I was a small child? Or dance, which although I haven’t performed in many years, I would like to restart again?”

The truth is I really can’t begin telling anything of my passionate engagements until I actually start with the one place I keep all my passions to begin with, Pinterest. I say Pinterest because quite frankly, it truly is the one place that has connected and re-connected me to almost all of my loves in this life. It has also helped me discover new things about myself which I am passionate about, but never really knew I liked to begin with.

It may be hard to imagine, me being in my early 40’s, could now just realize that I could create new passions and interests in my life.  But for me, life is and always will be, an unending learning opportunity thus creating new interests to engage my spirit. Life is never short on chances to rediscover oneself over and over again in the hopes of revealing deeper aspects of our own spirit.

When I first heard about Pinterest, it was truly a foreign entity I had heard of from friends and the same message kept coming from them, “It’s so much fun and I’m so ‘addicted’ to it.” Little did I know when I first asked a friend to invite me to Pinterest, that many things in my life would truly begin to change in a positive way and that I would became a much better person for it.

Before I delve into why I have come to love Pinterest so much, I feel it’s important to start off by telling you, when I first began getting into Pinterest, that time of my life (about four years ago) I was going through one of the most difficult and darkest periods in my life so far. Many deeply emotional losses had and were occurring at this time: death, divorce, rejection and real undeniable loneliness.

The depression I was experiencing from all of it was so palpable that many dark thoughts ran across my mind and truly scared me. Things I had never really considered contemplating until then became so close to being realized. It’s interesting to look back now and see with clearer vision exactly what it was that would help get me out of my darkness and back on track into my own illuminating light. Now, I can say I am so much better off and I base much of that (although not all) on Pinterest.

If you are not familiar with or ever heard of Pinterest, Rob Lammle from Mashable.com explains it well. “Pinterest is a place to organize and share online images you find interesting or inspiring. Once uploaded or shared on Pinterest, these images become known as Pins, which the user can place on customized, themed Boards. You can create Boards for any topic imaginable. The possibilities are endless.”

Yes. The possibilities are endless and amazing! I will share more with you in part two of my guest post. Stay tuned.


Michelle Toeniskoetter Killic is a writer and mom to a wonderful son. She's a Pinterest enthusiast and an animal lover. 

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