Spiritual Awareness: A Passion For Pinterest-Part II

Purpose is the reason you journey.
Passion is the fire that lights your way.

This is part two of Vivadivine guest writer Michelle. She continues to share with us her passion for Pinterest and how it lights her way on the path! You can read Part I here.

What makes Pinterest so great is that it is a place online where you can literally put all your passions, interests or general information you want to know (in the form of pins), all in one place. So instead of bookmarking all of my favorite websites on my computer, (thus creating a never-ending list of random websites), you can pin an image from that website to any of your boards and now you have one place to go to see all of your favorite things. Genius!

Once I learned how to use Pinterest, I was off and running and what started off as a mild curiosity with only three boards and a few pins on each of them, has now become a passion with over 43 boards and 14,242 pins. You read that right! Over 14,000 pins and growing every day! All from taking the time every day to get on Pinterest and pin all the images and information I found interesting or had a passion for on my own personal boards.

So you could definitely say that ultimately my real passion is for Pinterest. I couldn't do, with all the things I love, without it. I’m a big fan and although it is definitely not my intention to convert anyone to becoming as passionate a pinner like myself, I will say that once you get the hang of it, it is so easy, manageable and fun, that you may wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

So what exactly is it about Pinterest that fascinates me so much? And why do I have such an interest in it that I look forward to getting on there every chance I get? Well, first I will say it is very cathartic for me. When I first began pinning, there were two specific boards that I seemed to focus on the most. One was fashion and the other, famous quotes. Although Pinterest is a place where you can literally find any subject matter, fashion and famous quotes seemed to stick out for me.

I will say I never considered myself particularly fashion forward or trendy. My wardrobe isn't lacking in anything particularly, I just don’t read many fashion magazines or ogle over what the latest celebrity is wearing. These things didn't seem to faze me. But when I began pinning pictures of women’s clothing, I began to see a whole new side of myself come out and I realized how much I actually love fashion.

I became fascinated by the beauty of the designs and the fabrics used. The appreciate the finite details of the clothing and the bright colors that the designers weren't afraid to utilize.

It was almost as if by pinning all of these outfits on my board, I was actually picking out an outfit that I could wear for dinner that night or to a party I was attending.

Ultimately, this board became my fantasy board. It’s a board where a girl’s dream of being chic, classy and sophisticated could be realized. I see a side to me that can be represented in this way. Even if this dream can’t be realized in my actual reality, it can still be expressed on my very own board. I can picture myself entering a room full of dinner guests who have been anxiously awaiting my arrival. Or making that grand entrance into a special ball that many girls dream of throughout their lives.

Now please know that I’m not the type of woman who has spent her life daydreaming about the night Prince Charming came and whisked her off her feet and they rode off into the beautiful sunset because she was in her beautiful evening gown designed by Dior.  No, that is not me at all. But what is me, is a woman with an innate ability to be recognized and seen in an elite manner that high designer clothing seems to bring about. To know she is special in the  eyes of those very close to her and to be able to literally wear that on her body as an expression of that admiration.

This is just one of the many ways we express ourselves or find a way to express something we didn't even know existed because it was so deep in our subconscious mind. My fashion board did that for me. It brought out the creative expressionist that manifests itself through fashion. Eight of my boards are dedicated to all aspects of fashion and 15,340 pins can attest to this desire, and I will never look at myself the same way again. 

My second board consists of famous quotes and sayings from all over the world. These are sayings that truly resonate with me to my deepest core. I don’t have the easiest time expressing myself or how I’m feeling about life in general and these boards became an outlet for my soul’s expression about itself and how it views the universe. I have two boards that represent this side of me and it has evolved immensely.

When I was experiencing all the losses and sadness, these boards were my greatest way of relieving the pain by telling the world my perspective. To shout out, “This is me and I’m not afraid anymore!” To be different, unique and to know that not everyone is the same and we should celebrate all those differences, not hide them.

Although my boards are very individualistic to myself, they resonate with many people and it is so important to find that space where other people with similar energy can come and find each other. It is all about connecting and finding commonality versus creating separation and conflict. I am drawn to those who share this calling in order to bring our highest selves to light and out into reality. No guilt or shame shall keep us quiet and to do so will keep us in our own anguish and we will never be able to truly self-actualize. Although these quotes and sayings were “created” by other, usually famous people, they represent and call forth a collective conscious in all of us that we can’t help but sit up and take notice. They are timeless and speak to me so deeply that I shudder to think of such a time that they didn't exist.

When shattering life experiences occur, it is natural to get lost in your own misery and despair. To let those feelings linger and ultimately destroy the way you have ever looked at things before. But now I realize that that destruction paved the way for something even better that is beyond measure. A new me, a new way and thus illuminating a brand new light that begins to radiate from myself. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but I know it’s there, slowly rising from the depths to be put on for all to see. It’s frightening and scary yet liberating all at the same time. I have no regrets and am grateful for this opportunity to share it also. I needed an activity that could do this for me. Surrendering to it and letting it take flight, I am all the wiser for it now and ever so grateful.

A place like Pinterest is just one of many places a person can go to find solace and creativity. It’s a tool to be utilized in so many ways. One can come in tune with themselves momentarily and squeeze just an ounce of humanity into their daily lives. This is why it works so well for me. That and the ease of Pinterest is what makes it the perfect avenue for my ultimate assertion to the world. It’s a personal channel to loudly or softly utter my small declaration to the universe, “This is me! Take notice!”

Michelle Toeniskoetter Killic is a writer and mom to a wonderful son. She's a Pinterest enthusiast and an animal lover.

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