Spiritual Awareness: The Path To The Ultimate Soulmate

“Before you find your soul mate, you must first discover your soul.”
― Charles F. Glassman
 Brain Drain: The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life

It’s with joyful anticipation that I look forward to the type of close intimate relationship that I have been slowly working towards for most of my adult life. This relationship is a spiritual union where two people who have individually done their inner soul work can come together and collaborate in love, creativity and inspiration.

In essence, that is what a Vibrational Match or The Ultimate Soulmate relationship is made of, and it is for what we deeply yearn. What we are basically looking for is that person who vibrates a specific energy that is similar to ours. When properly matched there is a fusion of compatibility and synergy. Despite the fact that we may still have to deal with the physical challenges in life, as a united force there is recognition that this is the person your soul does not want to live without.

At times to have this person appear in our lives, we must go through relationships with other soulmates who may fall on different places of the vibrational spectrum. These people help us to grow and teach us what it is that we clearly want and do not want to experience. They lead us to our true spiritual match.

If we allow ourselves to learn these love lessons properly, we will find that we come out more whole-souled. We lose our fears and egotistical attitudes and learn what it means to be in a fulfilling relationship with ourselves first. We learn that the greatest love comes from within us. We become complete, realizing that we were lost in the illusion that we needed another half to make us whole.

When two whole people are resonating self-love and are focused on living a life of self-actualization, there is a strong chance they will meet the matching frequency to their soul. They have individually cleared all past attachments and healed through their karmic relationships. Both parties are now energetically and spiritually clear, ready for a true relationship.  This is where the beauty begins.

Image a relationship that is progressive, and has a true purpose. There is no guess work, waiting around, figuring out where the relationship is going because both people involved are on the same page. Imagine being in a situation where each person is free to be who they are and are fully accepted. There is no codependency; meaning one does not depend on the other to feel or acquire love by means of control or manipulation. The relationship is one of give-give, and not give-take.

This is a union where both people grow together and not apart. There is a conscious and emotionally mature effort to work together through challenges for the greater good of the union. There is also a sense that something bigger can be the result of this union. It’s not only about the two people blending and creating love together. What is created within this type of union flows out and attaches itself to others, thus leading to a grand inspiration. It’s a place where for the first time you love and feel unconditionally loved. In truth this is Divine Love and you feel like you have come home when you are with this person.

Because we have become so mired in the physical world, we often think that this type of relationship is unattainable. However, think about it. If you can feel an intuitive sense of wanting a relationship such as this, then it must be possible. It is a part of your soul’s journey to find that match. But what if deep down you don’t sense that match?

This is a question that may haunt some people. If a person does the work that the spirit needs to do in order to experience ascension then that need will be filled by coming into wholeness. So either way, if you meet this person or not, you will still be able to navigate through life in peace. That is why finding your life’s purpose is so important. Whether with another person or alone as long as one stays tapped into the divine source they never will feel by themselves.

The wonderful thing about this whole love experience is this: your soul knows if there is a match out there. I know that this is true for me. As I have traversed through different situations and gotten clear of them I could always sense that the other person was still out there. It’s a deep knowing that is within me.

So how do you find this person? Love yourself unconditionally. Focus on the inner self and do the work needed to heal all your accumulated life traumas. Heal your karmic relationships with the soulmates you meet. Remember the love you seek has always been inside of you. Be clear about what you really want and do not settle if it does not feel right. Become the person you want to have in your life. That way you will be on the same vibrational frequency of the other person.

Live your life without waiting for that person to show up. It will help to identify your life’s purpose, because this will keep you focused and busy, and also you will attract positive energy.

Stay open and aware. As you get closer to who you will resonate with, people will come into your life that have similar frequencies, but not all of them. Be honest with people and do not waste time trying to make something fit if it does not. This type of thinking only delays what is meant to come to you.

Most importantly listen to you soul, heart and intuition. Trust the messages that your body sends you. Remember this is an energetic attraction. By paying attention to the energy of another person, I was able to move on from situations that were not yielding the right results. Never be afraid to walk away from what does not serve, enhance or expand your spirit.

As you get clear of the differing vibrational relationships that ended and become more self-actualized, you may start to feel a subtle readiness. What you are feeling is that readiness for the relationship you’ve always sensed was possible. Get happy. Stay filled with love. Resonate to your vibrational match out there that you’ve got it going on and can’t wait to finally meet him or her.

It’s an exciting feeling finally knowing after a long love drought that something good this way comes. Celebrate the coming arrival of your Ultimate Soulmate.

Live the Life!


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