Spiritual Awareness: The Quantum Leaps- Part One

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”― Isaac Asimov

It’s a fascinating never-ending learning experience once your consciousness about life and yourself begins to expand. The awakening process is like driving down the Spiritual Information Super Highway.

After the initial breathtaking moment of realizing who you really are and the unlimited possibilities that lay before you, you will settle into a series of moments where your understanding about life becomes clearer. The world takes on a new perspective as you see things for what they really are.

These are moments that I like to jokingly call quantum leaps. You may get entirely new ideas popping into your head. Or it may not necessarily be new information, but just that your understanding about something deepens. That is why if you really want to have the full experience of the journey, there has to be some sort of dedication to whole process. Being aware of the different ways information comes to you will help you to be prepared for some amazing breakthroughs.

Meditation is probably the most direct way you will gain new insights. With meditation you can ask a question prior to clearing your mind, go into the practice and allow for the information to come to you. You may not necessarily hear the answer during meditation. It may come but you cannot access it in that moment. However in time the answer to that question will surely surface. You may be going about your day and suddenly a thought pops into your head.

Let’s say that you have a basic understanding of a situation. When your mind is clear, you may get a broader sense of things. You will know that it is spiritual insight because you will immediately realize that you had not thought of things that way before.

I have had a growing realization of love. This all started when one day about a year and a half ago, prior to meditation I  asked to feel the power of love. Being a newbie at the entire awakening process I was clearly unaware of the response one can get when asking for something from the right place. When I came out of my meditative state the response to that request left a lasting impression on me. Over time my understanding of love has progressively grown and my appreciation of its power has deepened.  I recently had another one of those spiritual leaps about love while meditating. As I've said, it’s a continuous learning experience, so enjoy the leaps as they come. Meditation opens the channel for more information to come through.

Another way to receive new information is through other people. Sometimes it can be by direct conversation that someone may expand on an idea you have been pondering. Or they may clarify and explain a situation for you. You will know it’s an upgrade to your thinking because it will come to you in a gentle jolt. The information will resonate in your soul and leave you thinking about it for a while. You know it’s new, because it sounds new.

A great source of expansive thought that is always being presented to me is through reading material. This is because reading brings great joy to me. People always seem to have wonderful literary recommendations for me or I may oddly come across something that refers me to a great book. If you like to read do not be surprised that constant spiritual directive comes in this form.

But what if you are not a big reader; do you know the ways that your spirit attracts your quantum leaps? Do you like to listen to teachers or motivational people? Do you seek out opportunities to have spiritual experiences in order to learn more?

Some people grasp spiritual insights through music or art. Your inner spirit is usually drawn to some specific mode of communication so pay attention to what pulls you. Be open and patient as the information does come. Trust it and allow it to expand your mind and spirit. You are being taught new things, being upgraded to a new idea about living, so be excited.

Live the Life.



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