Spiritual Awareness: Spiritual Guides

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.
It will not lead you astray.”
― Rumi

In the spiritual community it is common knowledge that we all have spirit guides. Just like angels, there are spiritual entities that interact with us to protect, lead and guide us throughout our lives. Some are benevolent and others do not have our best interest at heart. Nevertheless they are there, around us at all times.

For most people this would seem like an out of the world possibility. But for those of us who are aware that there is a Universal Consciousness (Source, God etc.) that we are all a part of, this is not new to us. If I had not personally interacted and FELT these guides and their power then I would not believe that they existed. If I had not seen things happen out of complete nothingness then I’d be a skeptic. It is truly a case of believing is seeing and not the other way around.

But since the concept of invisible spiritual guides is difficult for many to comprehend, I will share with you the obviousness of human guides that exist.  Then you can decide whether or not this rings true and maybe then you will understand the source of all authentic guides.

For most people, human guides come in the form of someone who seems to have a wealth of information, knowledge or wisdom. Most people can look to preachers or teachers and identify these people as such. In truth, an authentic guide is actually tapped into that universal consciousness and is relaying spiritual knowledge and direction to you. They are open conduits for this knowledge. They say things that motivate and move you to hopefully make meaningful changes in your life.
Mentors or teachers are also guides. They may impart some specific knowledge about a certain talent, task or ability that helps you become better at it.

Children are also excellent guides. Children are closest to that realm of awareness because they have not accumulated vast amounts of physical data that clouds their spirit. They are standing smack in the stream of consciousness. So that is why when we come across children who are prodigies we are amazed at what they can do. That is why when kids say the darndest things, we cannot help but stop and pay attention to them. They see things clearly, and relay that information in pure innocence.

Malik Kofi. Prodigy Cellist

Your guides take on various shapes, sizes and forms. Some may be older than you and some much younger. The key to identifying a guide that is being used, one that is tapped in to the consciousness, is to pay attention to how you feel when you interact with them. Authentic guides speak in the tone of truth. Their words make your spirit pause. It’s a clear message that will get into your soul. A true guide has no reason to lie to you, for there is nothing for them to gain by lying. Their job is to assist you and help you and at times offer protective advice, for the betterment of your life. Those who are truly being used by the divine source of life have no selfish endeavor in their spirit.

I know who some of my guides are and who they have been. My earliest physical guide was my grandmother. She appeared in my life when I desperately needed her. She did and said things to fortify my spirit, many of which I hold dear to this day.

One of my best friends is also a guide. She speaks words of truth and light to me. Everything she says is of benefit to my soul. She has told me things so powerful that I could not recall the next day, but the information was absorbed in my spirit.

I also know when I am being used as a guide. I was able to identify this when I found myself wanting to say certain thing to others that I knew were not thoughts coming out of my mind. Sometimes, I would find myself not wanting to say anything, at times resisting the message out of fear that the person would think I was crazy. But I would then see how important it was to impart the information because the person may not be aware of their spiritual guides trying to reach them. So the task to pass on the message occurred through me.

When God cannot get your attention, when your spiritual guides cannot reach you, when your consciousness is clouded, when you are struggling on the cusp of a spiritual or creative breakthrough, he will send human guides to tap you on the shoulder.

Since the Source is very powerful, it at first tries to tell you things gently. When you don’t grasp the message, it gets louder. When you refuse to listen then the last resort is bolts of lightning and thunder and sadly that is when most people seem to get it the message. This loud proclamation to get your attention may come into form as a crisis or a trauma, all meant to fulfill the original whisper: “Pay attention, God is trying to tell you something!”

Most of us who are aware of all the guidance around us have many things in common. We are great listeners and we pay attention to the details of life.  We have also had certain awareness from childhood of something bigger that directs all facets of our lives and we lean into its power. We also tend to try to develop humble attitudes. This allows us to be guided appropriately.

To be able to get the messages the Source is sending we have to pay attention. The message usually keeps repeating itself. We also have to be open to guidance if we have a desire to change our lives for the better. Once we create that desire, the messengers show up.

But if we are not trusting, or working from the false ego and proud, we will miss the message. Your guides hardly ever come obviously. For the most part we seek the guidance that we see. It’s the guide that is sitting right under our nose that we ignore. That guide is the one that is usually closest to the Source and closest to you and can give you specific direction.

And the message will be very clear when you hear it. The message is a calling. It is an answer to a question your soul has always been asking: Why am I here? And that guide’s directive is to help you turn around and look up for the answer.

Live the Life!


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