Spiritual Awareness: The Sweetness of Solitude

“The more powerful and original a mind, the more it will incline towards the
Religion of Solitude.”
― Aldous Huxley

I cherish my solitude and hold it in high regard. Some people may find that hard to believe because I love people a great deal and I consider myself to be quite the social butterfly. But I can be a bit of a loner. On the other end of that spectrum I hold a deep reverence for the time I spend with myself.

I am not talking about sitting at home watching television by myself or curled up in bed reading a book, which I love to do. I am referring to those moments where I fall off the grid of life and disappear. I turn of the phone, I have no laptop, or anything to distract myself. I am talking about those moments where I give my full attention to Me, Myself and I.

I fully believe that the time I have spent alone has helped me to awaken faster. That’s because I was so alone with myself I could hear my soul speak more clearly. I could analyze the things I was going through and get a deeper understanding of who I really was and what I wanted out of life. Embracing solitude has made my life more peaceful and balanced and frankly, just plain beautiful.

My favorite place to disappear is the beach. I grew up on a tiny island surrounded by the power of water. The beach is my solace. Gratefully everywhere I have lived since I left the Caribbean has been near the ocean. The need to be near the sea is something that is ingrained in my soul.

It is nothing out of the ordinary for me to wake up, get dressed, jump in the car and drive forty-five minutes to the beach. I usually avoid the usual beachcomber spots. I have figured out where the hidey-holes are located. I will stop at the grocery store; grab a bottle of wine or champagne, some food, maybe a cigar and set up camp to watch the sun rise in silence.

Something about the sound of the ocean and the rhythm of the waves brings my soul down to a sweet halt. I will sit there for hours absorbing it all. Meditating by the water is amazing. There is this powerful force all around you. You are pulled into it so deeply you don’t want to come out of it!

Sometimes I don’t even come home. I will grab a hotel room and stay for the night and sleep with the windows open to the sound of the seaside.

The world is such a noisy place. Our souls go through so much. It’s easy to call up a friend when we are going through something to hang out and talk. But in truth sometimes what our soul is really craving is a chance to talk to itself. Some of us are unaccustomed to that type of solitude. We often use other people or create distractions to avoid genuine soul time. Maybe we don’t like what our soul has to say to us.

I know I have spent hours crying my eyes out on the sand. But when I was finished with the tears, or whatever I was trying to work through I always felt refreshed and reassured. If you ever want to get answers to anything that is weighing on your soul, go somewhere quiet and peaceful and listen to your Self. Sit and think about nothing else, but You!

One of the biggest boons I have experienced since waking up is the appreciation of my silent space. I have never really needed another person’s company to bring me happiness. I have told my friends if I was on a deserted island with myself, I’d be just fine. A conversation with my soul and with Infinity on a tropical island sounds like Paradise to me. But then again I am kinda weird like that.

There is so much you can learn about this Universe and yourself when you are quiet and alone. It’s an amazing experience. When you get really good at being in solitude there is a peace and calm that envelops you that you can take with you anywhere.

So schedule some alone time. Disappear. Nourish your soul and listen to it. Drop all your normal distractions. It may feel a bit unusual at first if it’s not something you would normally do. However you’d be surprised to find that you will actually enjoy and look forward to the sweetness of your soul’s silence.

Live the Life.


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