Positivity: 2015-The Year Of Good Vibes

“Let it come, let it go, let it flow.”
 ―Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche

Toward the end of 2014, I had started my usual checklist that I use to start the clearing out process that I do prior to each New Year. I start early because I love to go into the next year ahead of myself.

I always give myself timeframes to get things done. I like the number three; I see it as a lucky number of sorts. So I looked back at the timeframe between 2012 and 2014 to see what I needed to clear out of my vibrational field. I needed to clear anything I was holding on to that was creating energetic blockage, physically or spiritually.

I went through and cleared out any physical items in my home that I no longer needed or had any attachments to that could be holding me down in anyway. After I was finished I turned my attention to the spiritual things in my life I needed to release.

Because of the life I want to lead and the work I want to do, I had to clear away from my spirit any and everything that was causing me to feel at any time uncomfortable in its vibration. People and situations carry their own specific energetic charge. I knew precisely what situations were not being dealt with and I went about the process of shedding these.

I had released the attachment to some members of my family late summer after a very unspiritual encounter. I had a few acquaintances that I still had energetic ties to that needed to be severed. I always believe that if something is not serving your spirit and if the mere thought activates a negative charge in you, if at all possible you have to remove yourself from it.  How do you move away from anything that you could have attracted into your life that does not elicit peace and joy? YOU have to change your vibration so you no longer feel the attraction to it.

You tend to attract what you are, based on your energetic make up, the way you think, feel and act. If you are attracted to something that is not good for you, you must raise your vibration to a higher level. Look closely at the characteristics and see where there are no commonalities. That will help you to shift into a different vibrational state. Release what no longer has a place in your life with love, say a prayer and move on.

I felt good going into 2015! I was already excited because I know this year will be one of firsts and many groundbreaking moments in my life. By mid-January I felt a huge shift. I felt lighter, because there was nothing weighing me down. I noticed that I was attracting a different and clearer energy. It had a very progressive feel to it with a good momentum.

I have been effortlessly writing like crazy and great opportunities are surfacing for Vivadivine. When you release things from your life that have a heavy spiritual density, you will feel much better with a keen sense of clarity to things. Things will start to take on a certain motion. Even my meditation practice shifted up a notch and I feel more connected to everything.

By early February, things started showing up that I had asked for because I was clear to receive. I could feel a balance occurring in my life.

One great tip about clearing with the goal to manifesting the life you want is to build on the momentum that you have created. But be aware, the lighter you are you’ll temporarily attract what is a bit denser. These situations will feel like setbacks or distractions. They are temporary, so quickly push through them and ignore what is trying to throw your energy off.

I had also shifted from a place of lack and wanting to a space of allowing and knowing that everything I wanted was in abundance. I recently received something I had asked for. I allowed it to come to me and it was exactly what I wanted. I know that everything I desire is on its way to me. My moods also became better because a lot of negative energy was now closed off from me. I feel as I did when I first awakened, which is euphoric and light.

You will learn to look at everything around you and see how they how they contribute to your energetic state. I have learned to gravitate to mostly positive, high vibrational people and situations. I am drawn to those who are doing positive things for themselves, becoming self-actualized, working for the greater good of others in the spirit of giving.

As a matter of fact, I have even noticed on my social media pages such as Facebook the majority of my friends have shifted in the last few years. Everyone has a genuine positive vibe and they are becoming more self-aware. People are making real strides in changing their lives for the better, even leaving longtime employment to pursue their dreams. I am happy for them, but I won’t tell them that this is the first stage of a spiritual awakening. I want them to enjoy the surprise. When I first started to wake up, lots of people thought I was losing my mind. I shifted very quickly. But now I see the same symptoms happening all around me and it makes me so happy.

2015 is supposed to be an amazing year to discover yourself and what you are capable of. It you truly have the desire it will be easier to work through your inner issues, because of all the good energy helping you. You will be able to shed those negative, false egotistical ways of living to something more positive and universally inclined. If it’s real love and peace you desire in your life you have a collective energy this year surrounding you that will invigorate you. If you want to start a new business venture this is also the year to do so.

A lot of people are lifting up the energy with love, support and compassion. It is extremely important to surround yourself with progressive, emotionally and spiritually healthy people. People living out their Life’s Purpose have a lot of creative energy and this is the type of positive energy you want to attract. It requires developing a really strong connection to the Source, through openness and meditation.

Clear or shift out of your vibrational field anything that brings you down. Do not try to lift up what is densely vibrating. It will only pull you down and waste valuable time that you could be spending creating. Get into the amazing energy of this New Year and start creating the life you have always dreamed of.

Live The Divine Life!


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