Positivity: The Path Of The Extraordinary

Unlikely accomplishments are borne out of single-minded purposefulness.
Future superstars don't get there by keeping part of their heart in reserve.
~ John Eliot, Ph.D.

At certain time the path of the extraordinary is a very quiet one. It actually starts out quite normally and as you continue to walk down the path you begin to realize less people are walking with you. It’s a very peaceful place and at times it may feel lonely, but in truth it is not. The climb to the top of the Mountain of Your Purpose starts out with many and ends with a few.

David Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness is a tool that I am glad to have come by. As a matter of fact I referenced it to a new coworker this week, as she like many others had never heard of it before. As you travel down life’s path the scale is a great gauge to see where you fall on the scale of mental and spiritual awareness. I know that I am living in my power and not by force and I generally vacillate between the top four levels: peace, joy love and reason.

But as I said it’s very quiet in those places and very rare for a person to live at the top rung which is a place of inner peace. It’s said only people such as Jesus, Buddha and Mother Theresa lived in those states of consistent consciousness. If you pay close attention they seemed to be running around pretty solo most of the time. But hey! I am never going to shy away from an opportunity to run with the likes of those three. They left an amazing impact on the world. They were single-minded about their life's mission. They knew what was truly important in life!

I go through these weird moments of: “Who the hell do I think I am?” to want to experience life at such a sweet clarity or push myself as hard as I can to fulfill my life’s purpose. But then I look around at those who are doing exactly that and I am encouraged. It’s okay to be extraordinary. It does not make you any better than anyone else. But it sure does make you better than the person you were yesterday. It’s okay to want to get to the top of the Mountain of Your Purpose.

I started a new work project this week. In the process of finalizing seven months of a forced universal sabbatical of sorts and excitedly jumping into a new work environment I got sick. I was so upset. Talk about bad timing. I had new things to learn, a volunteer event mid-week, marketing webinars to sit in on, plus all things Vivadivine to do, and a radio interview this weekend and suddenly I am faced with laryngitis! Really?

I can already hear you saying it: I am doing too much! Of course I am. I am extraordinary! I am sitting here hopped up on NyQuil, wrapped up in Vicks Vapor Rub, drinking tea with lemon and honey. But you better believe I am about to write blogs for the upcoming week, shoot videos tomorrow and prepare for this interview on Sunday. Add to this I have to get my brain ready to tackle a project about real estate and changes to certain home purchasing procedures bright and early Monday morning. And somewhere in all this I must rest so I can get better so I can do it all! 

This is what I mean when I say it’s quiet at the top of the spiritual mountain. While everyone is moseying along, you will be burning the midnight oil with your passion. While everyone else is concerned about he said-she said, coulda-woulda-shoulda, you will be in the trenches, alone at some point, precisely mapping out how to create the rest of your life. It becomes crystal clear to you what your priorities are. I am also realizing as I focus more on my purpose, love, joy and peace keep showing up. Hmmm...interesting!

Burning the Midnight Oil

The people who make a difference were those who pushed themselves (within reason). They had full time lives and were extremely focused on the task at hand. There were very few people in their space and those who were, usually were cut from the same cloth.

I realized that when I started this new job that I had to redesign my schedule concerning Vivadivine. It means getting up early and working for me first. It means sacrificing time on weekends so I can focus on my purpose. It means prioritizing so I can study for my spiritual advancement and life coaching certification. I am doing all this so I can help others. This is my life!

It means anything that does not feed the purpose, expands it or if it distracts my attention is off the table. It means developing an eagle-eyed focus on what is truly important now. A purpose driven life is a full and meaningful one.

If you are already extraordinary, you will know exactly what I mean. That extra ordinariness is a drive that is hard to explain to those who don’t truly understand where you are going. But that’s okay, as long as you know where you’re headed and there are people who are walking with you, everything will be just fine.  

It’s important to remember as you climb to the top of the mountain, as you reach for what is truly yours, don’t ever feel as if you are alone. Look around you and see who is hiking with you. People say it’s lonely at the top. That depends on who is at the top with you! To be very honest I want to hang out with those at the top of any aspiration in life. Why? Because is takes dedication of the spirit to get there, you are at your very best. Even more so to get to the top of spiritual success in life is actually our birthright.

This whole life experience is meant for you to know who you really are and what you are capable of achieving whether it is great or small. When you are focused on your purpose in this lifetime everything falls into place. So keep climbing you over-achievers, because I am right there with you!

Live the divine life.


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