Purpose: Purposeful Messages

“God makes each one of us for the time into which we are born. He creates us for a purpose.
Our job is to know Him well, discover what He created us to do, and then do it for all we're worth for the rest of our lives. Ask God to show you your purpose. He will answer.”
― Robin Lee Hatcher, Fit to Be Tied

There are moments of clarity as you walk on purpose. This past weekend was one of those weekends for me. It was the Weekend of Love, Valentine’s Day falling on a Saturday. I spent time with friends and family and shared many insights and epiphanies. All this wonderful information culminated on Sunday when I accepted an invitation to listen to Jeremy Foster the pastor of Hope City in Houston.  I have always had a curiosity about the way other people worshiped and I was pleasantly surprised by this experience. I went in with an open mind. While I no longer feel belonging to a specific congregation is within my spirit’s desire, I can certainly appreciate all forms of thought and information.

Foster discussed part two of his three part series on finding your life’s purpose. What I really liked about this event was the tremendous amount of young people in the audience who are privy to this information. I know so many of us who are older are just now grasping this potential and trying to play catch up. But if I had received this information in my late teens I am sure I would have already created a blazing life. But being late is better than never getting it, right?

Foster is a young energetic and animated speaker. He along with his wife they are trying to create a new dynamic to living a rewarding life. He was fun to watch. His sermon, if you could call it that, because it really felt like a rock concert with him as the featured act, was filled with some doozies. A lot of what he said resonated with me and it was fun to listen to him pepper his message with anecdotes, songs and personal life moments.

One of the things he said was when you finally realize what your purpose is one should always walk toward it. You are being led by something bigger. Our purpose is also linked to serving others. That is a fact. Our purpose is also not one dimensional. It can take on various forms.

I know for me, writing about my experience is part of my purpose. But over the last few years, I have also sensed that I was being drawn toward life coaching, which is another facet I love when it comes to serving others. And as I was sitting in the audience I received confirmation that my passion will possibly lead me into public speaking.

As I watched Foster’s animated delivery on stage I could totally relate to him. We were encouraged walk toward what we were born to do and walk away from what we were not born to do. We also have to walk away from good to be great!

For me this spiritual awakening process has been filled with highs and lows. One would think when you get all this great divine information on how to lead a better life everything will come up roses every day. Well I can tell you there have been some painful moments. But within the beauty of those moments is a promise that things will gradually get better and clearer. Therefore as he said: “The pain of the process will make you appreciate to promise”; I can attest that is a true statement. I am living on the cusp of that promise.

Last year was particularly challenging for me. I did not realize this until I was at the close of 2014, how much purging I had been doing all last year. There were certain things I had to release, negative cycles that needed to be broken. Foster said that to get to your purpose you have to break a cycle! Can I get an “AMEN”? Ever since I broke through certain things that had me in repetitive enmeshment I feel much lighter. I wrote about it recently, that I feel as if I am back to that optimum operating mode that place of euphoria that I had felt when I first awakened to the reality of this life.

As I said, there were many young people in the audience. We all know when we are young one of our focus points can be relationships. I loved how it was clarified that a relationship is NOT your purpose in life. This is true. A relationship adds to the purpose, and most importantly, when you are focused on your purpose or passion in life, love will find you. This is another point that I hold dear to my heart. Imagine loving what you do so much and then someone walks into your life that just adds to that joy? That is what a relationship with the right person is meant to be about. Together you expand each other’s goals and collaborate to share that expansion with the world. If we could all grasp this little note-to-self we would have more successful relationships.

All said it was a wonderful experience to hear someone else speak about the  possibilities that are available to all of us if we stay connected to the Source of Life.

If you are in Houston check out Hope City. Jeremy and his wife have a great action plan, which will be a true inspiration for all.

Live the divine life!


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