Spiritual Awareness: Be Wholey, People!

Whether or not you chose to believe that there is a source that is been responsible for our existence, there is something to be said about the ability for us humans to change our circumstances. We accomplish this by the power of our mind. From that point of origin you can affect your thoughts, the actions you take, the feelings you have and discern whether or not an outcome is beneficial to you.

I choose to believe there is Something out there and that I am connected to it. I am not going to take you down my personal rabbit hole and share this with you today. But what I am going to briefly discuss is a distinct possibility available to all of us. It’s the chance to become whole. I bet many of you never thought you were operating on half a spirit, right?

Allow me to break it down. If you are one of those people who choose to believe in something brought you here into existence, then there is one fundamental truth that you will discover as you start asking for answers: Whatever IT is, it holds every and all things. It is male and female, good and bad, dark and light, right and left, up and down, etc. I am sure you are getting my gist. This Source is completely balanced unto itself.

The way you can ascertain this is by observing human nature. When we are inately balanced we can easily cohabitate with each other. However the minute we lean one way over another, we slide into chaos. This is how we are on a global scale. Then let’s make it personal and imagine if you were unbalanced as an individual. Imagine if you are not operating at full potential. Can you see how chaotic your life can be or has been?

We see this thinking all the time in the relationship paradigm of 50/50. You’ve heard it all your life where one person brings in fifty percent to your fifty percent. Now, take a moment and reflect on all your previous relationships that were based on that line of thought. Do you see a trend? God forbid, we take this idea a step further and say we can exist in a 40-60, 70-30 unbalanced situation with another person. I see people try this all this time and they often wonder why they are “Crazy in Love”? These types of relationships never work out to the benefit of both people! When we accept these types of paradigms we are devaluing ourselves in ways that we do not even know.

This whole experience, especially the part where we start to awaken to who we really are is a journey to love. First it is the slow awakening to the fact that we are created by love, for love and to love that is truly amazing. We are The Force encased in beautiful hues of skin. The next realization is that all that love we keep seeking outside of ourselves, we already hold that at a hundred percent, but we may not realize this. Each time we get with someone, and develop a wanting for THEM to love US to make us feel better, it should be a big indication that one is not working with a full love tank. There are ways to fill up your love tank, but that’s another blog post I will have to write at a later date.

It is when we are genuinely filled with that force and feel it completely that we start that journey to wholeness. Another way to get to that place is to at least acknowledge that there is a powerful energy to this Universe. It’s energy that if we work with it, and listen to our inner self concerning how we deal with the energy of others, we will see a pattern of wellness on a consistent basis. We are what we attract. Therefore if you are filled with that energy (love) and radiate that, then you will assuredly pull and absorb more love.

As you become more aware (or more loving) you begin that inner balancing. Your masculine and feminine attributes begin to smooth out. I know what it feels like to go from holding an overly emotional energy to one where I can feel my masculine logical mind kick in to keep things on an even keel. Your light and shadow sides begin to complement each other and you realize there really is no good or bad, just choices and consequences.

Over the last few weeks since the beginning of this year, I have felt a return to the euphoric state I had the beginning of my awakening. That’s because I released anything that was throwing off my energetic field and was pulling me down. I started making decisions to only allow loving situations into my life. Not halfway, 50/50 love. No! The 100 percent kind! It has changed things for me in a remarkable way. I am literally manifesting what I want at a faster rate because; my field is clearer of negativity. I also feel like a walking love magnet. But most of all, I feel good. My soul feels at peace, joy and happiness are consistent, because I am holding the force. I am my optimum best self and therefore will only attract what is similar to me, which is wholeness of the supernatural kind.   

As you continue down this road, to wholeness of your spirit, remember to be kind to yourself. Shedding the old you will take time and effort. Patterns will be broken, so you can experience breakthroughs. There may be some doubt whether or not you are making any progress. But always remember that each day you are getting further away from an old way of thinking, feeling and behaving. You are upgrading your spirit in the most amazing way.

Be wholey, people and live the Divine Life!


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