Spiritual Awareness: Get Out Of Your Own Way!

“Does it make sense to pray for guidance about the future if we are not obeying in the thing that lies before us today? How many momentous events in Scripture depended on one person's seemingly small act of obedience! Rest assured: Do what God tells you to do now, and, depend upon it, you will be shown what to do next.”
 Elisabeth Elliot

I lead a divinely inspired life. I have learned to be able to identify when something bigger is in control of a situation in my life. One way I know without a doubt that something is being divinely led is when an event happens in which I had no hand or physical intervention. That is what Divine Intervention purely is, God’s hand completely directing a situation in your life. When these events occur I lean in more and allow my spirit to be led through the entire experience.
Divine Guidance; Your hands are not involved!

I have learned in these cases to ask and listen to guidance. I put myself in a space of allowing, because if I do anything to get in the way of the Universe bringing a situation into my life all that I am doing is causing a delay. When I am unsure I ask for this guidance. I expect direct answers. I have been told what foot to place in front of me, what actions I must take and many times the words that I must speak. I get still and allow the information to come forth from my soul. So as you can see, I trust wholeheartedly in the process and allow things to unfold as they should. I make sure that I do my part in whatever task I am asked to do.

Because I can discern what is divinely led, I can also see what is not. When you are being led to something by God, you will know it in your soul. Within that knowledge is also information as to what you are supposed to do. At times what you are supposed to do may scare you and you may resist things. But eventually that powerful energy will move you to follow through.

A perfect example was when I was brought into a situation in which I had not one single hand of intervention. When this event happened, I knew without a doubt what it was and that there was a bigger reason behind it. However I initially fought against things, and that only wore my spirit down. When I finally surrendered to the direction, things began to unfold. I was led into something remarkable, at times painful and confusing, but a worthwhile experience where my soul grew.

Through this entire process from beginning to end, I paid attention, listened and did my part. I was told in so many ways not to worry about the other aspects involved just do what I was supposed to do. When the time came and I had done all I was to do, I was removed from the situation. This left me with a large degree of peace.

Listen up!

The only way things will transpire as they are meant to, is when you take your hand out of the Universe’s way when it’s doing its job. If you try to manipulate the situation, it will back fire in your face. If your motives are questionable, you will impede divine progress. If there is anything you have placed on the path leading you to where you are supposed to be and it is not removed in the proper fashion, you will only delay what is coming your way.

When I was released from my lesson, I immediately went into a mode of full allowance minus any resistance. I also made sure that my path was clear of anything that would stop the spiritual flow that was bringing all good things my way. There are certain things I would like to experience in my life and I know the only way to have these things show up in my life is to relax, keep living in truth and love, not put unnecessary obstacles on my path and do my part to stay focused on my life’s purpose.
Get in a place of allowing things to happen.

I am to pay attention to things that happen around me. When things happen that do not feel spiritually driven then I know I am not supposed to make a move. Plus I also can see the bigger story and I know that if all things are not in place then it’s not meant for me to divert off my path.

The bottom line is that we have to understand that our human hands are somewhat limited in comparison to what the Universe can accomplish. The only time things work out well for us is when we work with that power properly. We have to harness it. Any time we work against it, resist its direction, ignore the spiritual guidance, our heart desires will escape us. We will find ourselves in situations that we really do not wish to be.

The guidance is always there. But we have to listen at all times and trust it when it tells us what to do. We may be guided to do something, but we are not paying attention to the details that are standing in the way, impeding our path. Maybe we are still working from old habitual ways and attitudes. In other words, nothing will transpire the way it is meant to be until all signs are a clear go. That is why it is so important, to make sure that we are being honest and true about everything we do, so that we may have the best opportunity to experience the amazing things in life.

Remove Resistance. Let Go. Surrender. Allow. Receive.

For the life of your dreams to emerge, we have to learn to surrender to the power that is all around us. While we are powerful beings in our own right, we are only as powerful as what we tap into. This means if you are still using only your own power, your limited mind; your limited actions then you will only get halfway to your desires. We have to tap fully in and use all the power, all the tools, all the guidance and directives to have what was always meant to be. Sometimes we are closer to a breakthrough than we know.

Live the Life.


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