12 Universal Laws: Law of Relativity.

“Everything is relative, including relativity.”
― Chris Matakas

When I randomly chose the Law of Relativity to write about for today’s blog post, I started laughing. I just picked it from the list. It’s funny how synchronicity works. The reason why this is so amusing to me is because I have become quite familiar with a facet of this law quite recently.

The section of the Law of Relativity that relates to this post states:
“Each person will receive a series of problems (Tests of Initiation/Lessons) for the purpose of strengthening the light. Within each of these tests/lessons ...the challenge is to…remain connected to our hearts when proceeding to solve the problems.”

Recently, I was reflecting on the awesome friendships I have developed over the years. I am blessed to have some amazing friends. Our bonds are purely based on love. We easily treat each other with dignity and respect. It seems inconceivable to me to hurt any of them intentionally. If there happens to be an instance where there is a misunderstanding, we quickly move past it. I place high regard on my friendships. It is extremely uncommon for me to have a falling out with a person. It takes a lot for me to cast a friendship to the fire.

However there are the anomalies. These are the people I can count on one hand who leave me completely confused by their behavior. Just as with all my friends, there is a great deal of love and devoted friendship on my part. I can usually sense that from these people too. However, in the blink of an eye, at a moment’s hint of trouble, these people will turn on you. They will leave you completely flabbergasted as to what on earth could you have done that was so bad for them to act out toward you!   They will lose their temper with you, question the friendship, and attach ill intent to your good intentions. One day they will be fine with you and then the next thing you know, you've done some mysterious thing that upset them.  But the coup de grace: They will cut you completely out of their lives as if you never existed. You will never what you did, because they will never face you and tell you so you can move past the issue.

I have a girlfriend who I think of as a sister. We have known each other since the tenth grade. I love her beyond words. You could even say I have a special love for her unlike that I have for my other girlfriends. There is truly something in my friend’s psyche that touches me in a very special way.

Despite knowing how much love I have for her, this girl has repeatedly come in and out of my life, each and every time ripping my heart out of my chest and squeezing it in her bare hands. There is always some perceived insult on my part that creates a firestorm. The last time I tried to speak to her was a futile attempt. But despite the hurt she has brought to me, and the fact that she has placed me in the deep freezer of her life, this has not caused my love for her to wane. And here is the kicker: If you were to ask her to think of one person she knew she could go to in a pinch, someone who would have her back, she would probably call my name.

I have come to realize that these people come into our lives to teach us an important lesson, which is to learn to love through hurt and pain. Think of it this way: Life would be very predictable if everybody in our lives were easy to love. On this journey when we cross paths with those who appear to be difficult to love, we stop and pause and just look at these lovable nuts in astonishment. It is amazing to us lovers, that even though they hurt us so deeply, that we still love them. Maybe albeit from a safer distance, but we still love them nonetheless. We learn to love a little deeper.

But it’s a twofold lesson. Because the person who is treating you so poorly, (usually for a reason that has nothing to do with you) is just as amazed that you still love them despite how badly they've been treating you. Deep down they know that you love them and that if there was ever a moment that they turned around and needed you, you would be there for them.

And this is why I love that part of the law of relativity that talks about the tests that we are given, to strengthen the light within us and keep us connected to our hearts. Here is a big secret I am going to share with you: When you find yourself in one of these situations, just know that the love is the same on both ends. Trust me on this.

How do I know this? There are other people in our lives who have hurt us. But we learned to walk away from them, never considering being in their presence ever again. But those who hurt us and we stand by them to love them regardless, it is because we've made some universal pact with each other to help us grow in spirit. If we do things right, we are both learning to love ourselves and also develop an appreciation for what the experience is teaching us.

There are so many ways we could look at this amazing opportunity, but I will stop here. Think about those people who you have crossed paths with who you love despite their obnoxious behavior. Also think about those who continue to show love to you even after you have ripped them a new hole or cat scratched them across the face.

What are you learning about love?

In truth, at the end of the day though, love is love. If you are holding it in your heart, no matter who it is that comes into your life, the goal is to love them. It’s all relative!

(Thanks to the King and Queen of Pain who have reigned in my life. I am grateful as I have become a deeper lover because of the both of you! You inspired this post!)

Live the Life!



  1. I was reading an amazing thing today about how to cope with angry, violent people spiritually for you own protection which will enable you to grow in any case:
    "Thus, if you see a sight that suggests evil to you, a drunken man, an act of hate, a
    quarrel, an act of immorality; or if you read that which is lowering and
    depressing and suggestive of lower things, then, for your own protection, you
    must reverse it.
    For instance if you see an angry violent man, if you do not reverse this, the
    suggestion of evil conveyed to you by this sight will sink into your sub-conscious
    mind and cause cells to vibrate in sympathy, thus
    making YOU more susceptible to anger thoughts, besides lowering the tone of
    your mind generally. Therefore you must raise yourself to your perfect Mental
    World and deny anger, by saying, "Man being a perfect mental creature, can
    never be angry. There is no anger in this perfect world of Mind, all is love and
    goodwill." By so doing not only will you stop the suggestion of evil from
    harming you, you will also at the same time make yourself stronger than ever
    before, and, strange as it may seem to you now, you will reduce the anger in the
    mind of the angry man. The reason of this is, that there is really only one Mind,
    we are all inlets of the same sea, and if we cast evil out of our own mind, then we
    also make the world and the minds of others the better by so doing. Thus by
    purifying himself does man become a savior of the world." /Your friend on the other side of the pond, Louis

    1. I always love your comments. I learn something new everyday! Thanks my friend!


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