12 Universal Laws Series: The Law of Divine Oneness..

“You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean.” 

This is probably one of my favorites of the universal laws. Simply put everything and everyone is connected. That is a good thing and it can also be very interesting.

The coolest part about this law is the connection to Source/God/Universe or whatever you call it. Many people may smirk at this concept and I completely respect those who don’t believe. But as someone who has been consistently living with intent for the last four years, I have to say that whatever is out there is somewhat remarkable. I know this sounds really far-fetched, but when you are in-sync with what that energy you feel completely different.

We have heard that scripture: God is Love. If so, God basically is the Force behind the emotion that we humans feel as love. You are able to feel it in its unconditional form when you are running congruently with its energy. If I could describe the feeling, it’s feeling good about everything, the majority of the time. There is this remarkable connectedness and flow to life. Unless you have felt it, it can be hard to explain. As I am writing this now, I can feel the connection and just thinking about it makes me feel good. When you get to that place where you feel that oneness, you will strive to hold on to the feeling as much and as often as you can.

Not only are you part of that energy, you are a part of everything else around you. Did you know that in our cellular make up you will find elements that correspond with the solar systems? When people say that we are made of the stars we certainly are. It should really make us question what we really are. We are also connected to each other in many ways on this planet too. I hate to break it to you folks, but we have been eating our forefathers for breakfast, lunch and dinner for millions of years. Each time a body decomposes into the ground, it makes for a fertile living environment. So at some time when you chomped into that apple you are possibly eating your great grandfather. Yum, yum!

We are also one in the sense that we are linked energetically to each other. You may not think about it as much. But we all feel each other and many times at the same time, it’s just that we are usually too busy or distracted to notice it. I feel oneness on a regular basis. It’s because I am really sensitive to the energy that’s surrounding me. I feel the pain and joy of others, among other emotions. I have to be conscious that I don’t absorb too much of other people’s energy or I will really be in trouble.

I am a part of you. Anything I do will come back to me. Anything I think of will return to me. To answer your question: YES! It takes effort to be self-aware. However life is much more rewarding when you think about what you are putting out there and what you want that oneness to reflect back to you.  

As we go over the other laws you will see that connectivity even more. The concept of separation is an illusion. If you were to look at earth from the perspective of space and zoom further and further back out, we are a mere drop in this whole universe. It’s from that vantage point you will see the oneness of all things.

We could very well be a speck of dust on a head of a pin. Just let your mind wonder, and enjoy the moments of oneness.

Check out this really cool video below. You’ll feel what I mean.

Live the Divine Life.


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