Positivity: Forever Is Composed of Nows

“Forever is composed of nows.” ― Emily Dickinson

I have a friend who is facing the fight of her life. The journey she is walking is one that I can’t truly imagine. But she is walking in it as powerfully as she can.

Recently I caught up with her, checking in to see how she was doing. She had a lot going on. Little mini dramas were playing out around her, just as they do with all of us, and of course to add to that, her personal trial she was dealing with. She became upset as she was recounting all the things that were happening, wondering out loud why were all these “bad things’ still happening to her.

As I listened to her speak through her tears I realized that this was a powerful teaching moment for her, for me and anyone who is reading this right now.

I will admit since snapping out of the Illusion of Self, life has definitely felt much better. A lot of that has to do with the type of energy you start to hold. When a lot of your negative thinking flies out the door, you will begin to draw unto yourself a more positive energy and life does feel better. But in truth even as you stand in reality of this awesome feeling, life still happens. If you allow those difficult life moments that occur to regain a foothold in you, they will bring you down. Being down is normal, but staying down is not part of our spirit.

My friend was looking down the road so to speak, for the day when those little challenging moments will stop. In that moment I brought her back to the present with me, to remind her that Now is the most important place to be. In the Moment of Now life was happening and it was perfectly fine to feel every single emotion that was flowing through her. What she was feeling was frustrating. However in that moment of Now, I told her she had to stop and remember that around her, outside of those frustrations were good moments.

The past is behind us with all those same mixtures of challenges and triumphs. I always tell myself not to look too far back into the past, especially not to ruminate on the things we wish could have been different. I also tell myself not to look into the future as that has not even happened (unless you think about time being linear). Looking forward with too much focus, hoping if you’ll be happier or cuter or richer or whatever puts you in a state of wanting and sending out an expression of lack into the Universe.

When you are sitting in the here and now, you can see everything in that moment. When the moment is hard, sit with it and breathe and remember the moment is going to pass. In that moment, just remember that there is something you can be grateful for. Move from that moment to the next and simply just be with it. Breathe.

I am sitting here in this moment. I am writing these words, and here comes another thought. In this moment I am smiling because of what I just wrote. I am thinking how cool it is to be able to have an outlet I can share my story with others. I am now thinking how lucky I am. Another moment will be arriving soon and I will be doing something else. I am enjoying each moment, grateful for the chance to feel it and that I am able to share it with you.

I try not to live very far down the street of the future. It's okay to dream. But if we focus on what we don't have in front of us now, we are only setting ourselves up for disappointment. When we live too far ahead of ourselves, we are basically becoming attached to an outcome that has not yet happened, one that we know nothing about. Being here and being present is called mindfulness. It’s an allowing of your mind to come into the immediate present moment with what is happening to you here and now. Celebrate it, because it’s a pretty awesome moment if you really look at things from a broader perspective.

When we look at what happens in the moment and honor it, the moments in our past are brighter. When we do the same now, then the moments in our future will be just as bright when we get to them.

If there is one thing I can encourage you to do, is be here Now. Being mindful eases a lot of the stress and strain of daily life. Take a moment to look around you, even if the moment is challenging. Enjoy observing your life and all the ticking moments right Now. Whatever challenges you are facing, know that as the moments passes, so do the challenges. More importantly, don’t miss those good things that are happening to you right now!

Live the Life.


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