Spiritual Awareness: Celebrate The Energetic Side-Blinder!

I was on a great clip. 2015 was steamrolling ahead. I was on a roll; and manifestations were coming at me left, right and center. I started to feel the euphoria I first felt during the early stages of this universal wake-up call. I was coming off a great radio interview with David Ralph of Join Up Dots. I heard myself speak for the first time, freaked myself out, but understood the bigger picture. I was ready to go to the next level.

There used to be a time when life was not as bright. I’d have these moments, pockets of happiness, and  I’d roll around in them. But as soon as things started feeling good, I would sabotage myself by thinking: “Something bad is going to happen because everything is so good.”

I stopped thinking this way because I realized that we are the creators of our own experience. In the past, every time I said that, I was in effect calling negativity toward me. These days life is sublime, because I only focus on the good that will come to me. So when I recently experienced a period of energetic struggle and feeling like I was walking in negative quicksand I knew that from some part of the universe some negative energy had attached itself to me. Yes, I am that sensitive to where I can feel every shift in my bubble. This was a huge shift and at it's worst I was bedridden.  

I will spare you the details as they are really not important. What I will share with you is what I learned in the last two weeks.

1. Energy is real. That is what we all are. Thoughts are real. They are tangible bursts of energy and when mixed with emotions they are powerful. What you think and feel about a person will eventually reach them. Be careful with your thoughts.

2. People will not be happy with your happiness. When others resent your joy, they send out that message of negativity toward you. Sometimes they don't realize that they are actually doing if. But then there are times when other people are being clandestine and will intentionally send you bad vibes. In truth they want your joy and by attaching ill to their thoughts, they will drain you. Energy vampires are real. They hold little joy, love and happiness in their lives and by envying yours they steal it. They need empathy. So don't send them back negative vibes. Two wrongs do not make a right.

3. Sit in the moment. When you are feeling drained, you need to rest. I tried to fight through mine and it made things only worse. I had to sit in it and feel it and allow for the force to be replenished.

4. Meditate and ask to be replenished of your vital spiritual energy. Always know that if you’re on the path of rightfulness, that all the help you need is there at all times. The amazing thing is when you actually start to feel that flow of force coming back to you. It's amazing. When it comes back fully, you will feel stronger than before.  

5. If you are sensitive enough to identify the source of the problem, address it. Many people are unaware that they are literally sending you bad vibes. Let them know in the nicest way possible. Maybe you can help them if they are going through something. The same applies to people who are intentionally affecting you. Address the source if you can identify it. The same way they are affecting you, is the same way you should inform them that the behavior needs to stop.

6. Celebrate the experience. I know it sounds crazy, but when you really think about it, you must hold a certain amount of power if someone or something tries to circumvent or interfere with it. Raise your vibration once you feel your strength returning.  Get outside; hang out with your friends. Ironically, my phone started to blow up the minute I got “sick”. Those close to me could sense something was off and help came from all directions. It felt good to know how much I am loved!

This whole experience only convinced me more so that I am on the right path, because something tried to knock me off it. It made me realize that it is I who is the purpose and that Vivadivine is only the vehicle that expresses the purpose. The purpose is aligned with The Source (God). So in essence if you are on your path, nothing will deter you. If something tries, the Universe will respond to make adjustments and it will do so quite loudly.

Enjoy the process of identifying who and what you are, loves. Be prepared for beautiful surprises that will help to hone and sharpen your core. Know that there are many with you and a few against you. Understand that in the Grand Scheme of things, if you are having this experience, it’s for a good purpose. Nothing will stand in your way.

Live the Divine Life and be blessed.


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