The Universal Laws: The Law of Vibration

“We have soul contracts with every person in our lives to live in the vibration of truth.” 
Molly Friedenfeld

This is one of my favorite of the universal laws, and also a popular and well known one. It’s fun to tell people about this law, and watch them start to get their vibe on.

I am a big believer in the Law of Vibration, because I have seen it in action. Along with the Law of Vibration I like to incorporate the Laws of Attraction and Allowing. These three laws combined have brought some amazing experiences and people into my life.
(From this point in this article I am going to refer to the Law of Vibration as LOV and the Law of Attraction as LOA.)

This particular law operates on the context that everything, including you and I, we are vibrating right now. So as you are actively moving around, you are creating waves of energy around you. Even when you sit still you are still vibrating. Everything vibrates at a different rate and speed. Even a rock on the ground is vibrating.

If you are clairvoyant you may even see the energy vibrating around objects or people. Or you can have a clairsentient makeup as I do and you can feel a person’s vibration. I have sat next to people and I know they can literally feel me vibrate at times. I recall the first time during mediation when I heard my own body humming. I thought it was a sound outside of my body, until I plugged my ears and realized it was coming from inside of me.
I carry a very high vibration of love and that is why I vibrate as I do.

The LOV is the pre-cursor to the LOA. To have what you want manifest in your life, you have to hold a similar vibration to it. We create this by developing feelings and emotions about what we want, or what we don’t want. It starts with our thoughts and when combined with feelings we create a remarkable field of energy. Add a little intention and the magic really starts to happen.

If you are in a bad mood, you arrived at that place because you thought about and focused on what was bothering you. Next you deepened your energy by feeling the bad mood and reinforcing it. So now you've thought about it and you’re feeling it and therefore are now “vibing” it. Eventually, what happens is that through the LOA you will start to attract people in a bad mood, and circumstances that will promote that bad mood. You will attract the energy that you are vibrating.

The cool part is if you are not attracting something, say for instance, situational negativity or people who are not in their “good space” in life, that means you are on a very solid path. If no one is entering into your space who is disrespectful, that means you are vibrating a very respectful sense of self to the world. If you pay very close attention to those nearest and dearest to you, that is how you will know what energy you are emitting. I love to sit back and look at all my friends and family and watch how we all are on the same vibrational wavelength. We are a consistently positive and progressive bunch, all headed in good directions in our lives. It’s almost as if we are all loving, thriving, flourishing and getting nourished all at the same time. I like to say, if you're not attracting it, more than likely you're not vibrating like it. It can be a good or a bad thing. Be careful. You can catch vibes like a cold! Whatever it is you truly desire, then get in a similar vibration or energy of it and it will come to you.

If the people in your life are happy, warm, kind, loving, generous, etc., then that means you are too. If it’s the opposite, then the Universe is trying to tell you you’re giving off bad vibes and attracting the same vibes to you. The good thing is you can always change what is happening outside of you, by changing the energy that is coming out of you.

If you want to feel good, think mostly positive thoughts that enhance your inner well-being. Do not give into negative thinking or behavior.
Focus on the abundance in your life and be grateful for all that you do have. But most of all, harness the power of love,

Trust me, if you have that, you are covered everywhere else. Keep giving off good vibrations!

Live the Divine Life.


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