Positivity: Change, Change, Change! Change Your ‘Tude!

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” 

― Winston S. Churchill

Today’s blog post was on a completely different topic. But an email from someone dear to me made me change my mind. The funniest things will inspire you and his email certainly did just that for me. I wanted to share with you a perspective, a way to look at things in a different light. Maybe when we do we can see the upside, the silver lining that is always in front of us.

As I started to read his email, I started to laugh; then I started to cry. The story was so poignant but funny at the same time because I could actually see it all being played out. My friend had what you would call a travel day from hell. At every turn there was some kind of situation that seemed as if it was meant to undo his sanity. Without going into much detail, let’s just say that after a day of complete madness, you would think he made it home and all was well. No, there were things waiting at home to close out a long day with a bang.

Through it all, he persevered and kept his cool, just long enough to chock it up as one of those days when our mettle is being tested. Better yet he could find the humor in the whole situation. Life moves on. Stuff happens. Tomorrow really is a new day.

How many of you have had those days when you just stop and say you want a do over? How many times have you felt as if something was trying you to see if you would lose your cool or blow your stack? Did you lose it, or did you find a way to deal with the madness that seemed to be unfolding right in-front of you?

I recall times when I had days like this constantly. I would find myself drained beyond exhaustion at the end of a day or however long the time period lasted. I would feel as if something was trying to make me lose my mind, or that I had the worst luck, or even worse, I deserved the “bad luck” I was experiencing.

However, over time I adopted a more positive attitude and I can assure you that I don’t regularly have crazy days like this anymore. The craziest thing I had happen in a long time was my very first fender-bender in March. I turned my head one direction and by the time I turned it back around my foot was on the gas pedal and my bumper was connecting with a sweet older Jamaican lady’s car. I was very apologetic as I made sure she was okay. However once we completed our accident transactions, I proceeded to work, called my insurance company, and took care of business. Then I went to my desk and proceeded to start the work day as if I did not have a hole in my front bumper.

It’s all about attitude.

I think we have moments or days like this for a reason and I truly believe it’s to bring us back into a state of mindfulness. These moments are meant to make us aware and are a form of  heads up that we can change the entire tone of the moment if we chose to. If we change the moment, we change the day.

I also believe we have these moments to remind us of the days when everything is going great. If we really think about it, in the grand scheme of things, how often do we have bad days?

It’s important that we create that shift in our mentality because if we allow those crazy moments to get with us we attract more of that energy and we only find ourselves deeper into a quagmire.

I see this happen with people all the time. Something occurs and they relive the negative story all day, telling other people and so they never get past the moment. Well, that moment needs to be Frozen and one needs to just “LET IT GO!” If you notice, the minute after an event occurs it becomes your Past. You can’t change it. So you may as well live in the present moment called Now. Reliving anything that causes pain or frustration, holds you back in small or large ways.

So if you are having a challenging moment, you can chose to stop and look at it for what it is; just a moment. Know that you will get through those moments that make up the day. Know that you will have those challenging days to remind you to enjoy the happy go lucky ones.

Hopefully, you can laugh at the whole madness along the way.

Life the Life.



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