Spiritual Awakening: Seven Year Cycles of Consciousness

“We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.” 
― LeeAnn Taylor

Recently I had a thought drop into my head. This seems to happen quite a bit lately. Out of the blue I thought of the Seven Year Cycles of Consciousness. Bear in mind I have never thought or read anything about the subject until I heard the phrase in my head. Maybe I am stuck on the number seven since I am reading a book by Jamie Sams called Dancing the Dream. It basically discusses the  seven sacred paths of human transformation. Maybe that’s how I got stuck in the sevens. But then I have been caught in a game of significant universal numbering for about a month now. Who knows. But I digress.

I have heard that every seven years the cells in your body renew themselves. However did you know your consciousness shifts every seven years as well? Well, I can surely attest for that the last seven years of my life. I have had a huge shift in my life. If you had told me ten years ago I would be writing a blog about spiritual awakening, living a positively purposeful life, I would have told you : “Shut the front door!”
But here I am.

So allow me to break down the 7 year intervals to you as I have come to understand them:

0-7 Years
7-14 Years
14-21 Years
21-28 Years
28-35 Years
35-42 Years
42-49 Years
49-56 Years
56-63 Years
63-70 Years
70-77 Years
77-84 Years

Why did this information come to me now? Possibly because I was ready for it and it appeared to explain to me why my life has accelerated as it has in the last 5 years. This entire transformation that I have been experiencing started when I was hit by that car. Would you like to take a guess as to what year that occurred? You guessed it; my forty-second. Synchronicity much? Was I supposed to 'awaken' at that exact time. Hmmm...

When I realized this, I instantly started laughing. I recently celebrated my 47th birthday and I am the happiest I have ever been. This place I have arrived at has been unfolding for exactly five years this year. So I expect the next two years to be pretty phenomenal!

But what was most interesting was that I went back in time to the other seven year periods to see what pivotal changes I had experienced then. I don’t recall much from the first seven years. However I can pinpoint major life changes at the 14-21, 21-28, and 28-35 marks. For some odd reason I cannot recall anything between 35-40. I suspect these were the last of my darkest days and I must have been barely collecting any good memories.

But life certainly changed abruptly for me when I hit 42. It was as if my life went into warp-drive. Because I have thrown myself into my experience of awakening with no holds barred I believe the remaining cycles of consciousness will come on even sweeter and faster.

I posted this today to help you to figure out where you are in your seven year cycle of growth and change. I think you will be very surprised and fascinated to see where you are on your path. I wonder, how much have you changed in the last 7 years?
Check out this link to find out more.

Wishing you a Happy Seven!

Live The Life.



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