Spiritual Awareness: All You Have To Do Is Ask!

“You need to trust
To surrender
To ask for guidance
Go within for the answers
They're within you
You have the answers
All you need do is ask” 
Karen Hackel

Hi my name is Debbie-Ann. I have an inquiring mind and I want to know.

I was always a nosy kid. When I was about nine years old, I got this silly notion in my head that I was adopted. I proceeded to do a thorough investigation in my mother’s files in her closet, to prove that I was from another family. When she found out that I was rifling through her personal items she began to lock her bedroom door when she would leave for work.

I then proceeded to learn how to pick a lock. I became an expert lock picker.

If there is something I want to know, there is nothing that will stop me from finding out, especially if it is something that’s important and has to do with me. However, I have learned recently a more effective way of gathering information and gaining opportunities.

Are you ready? It’s earth shattering.

If you want to know anything that occurs in this universe: Just ask!

How many times have we heard that scripture: Ask and you shall receive? Are we really paying attention to the simplicity of the phrase?

It’s with a growing sense of awareness that I am noticing that when I ask for something, it shows up. If I need clarification on an important matter, I ask for direction. I also ask for information that will help me make the right decisions. The answers are all there, if we are willing to listen for them.

If you sit and think about it someone already has or is going through what you are experiencing right now. All their thoughts are part of this huge collection of universal thought. Universal Consciousness is like a spiritual internet and all you have to do is put the question into the search engine. Guess what? That is the exact premise behind the technology of the Internet that we use every day. If you can find anything through a computer, you can do the same with the universe.

When I talk with my friends I realize that I ask for a lot and they do not. I want to know things, but not to be full of wisdom, but just because I am just spiritually nosy. It’s true I want to understand how to live a meaningful life. But for the most part, my questions are cheeky and many times, I get stopped before I can finish the thought. The spirits that be, are constantly rolling their eyes at me, because I am a truly obnoxious requester.

You can ask for anything. Just be careful for what you ask for and be prepared to learn a great deal.

For instance, you may ask for a billion dollars. Trust me when I tell you the Universe is not a bank and will not just dole out your money to you. However, you may ask to be a billionaire and things will occur in your life to lead you that direction. Are you willing to work hard to achieve that financial status?

You may ask for the love of your life and that person will show up. However you may find that you are completely unprepared for the relationship. I know people who have met their ultimate soul mate
or vibrational match and it almost drove them to insanity. Are you willing to walk the path that leads to learning about unconditional love? Because that is what finding your vibrational match is all about. It’s no cakewalk.

You can ask for direction on the simplest things. You can even ask where is a particular item you have misplaced and you will find it, or you will know for sure it’s lost to you forever. It happens to me all the time.  

I asked to be happy. Well, I certainly did not wake up one day saying: “Wheee, I am happy”.

I had to walk away from a marriage, cut ties with a religion and leave a job I loved but had outgrown. Then I had to release my biological family. I no longer believed as they did, and I was vocal about it, and so they had to shun me. I walked away from people I loved to give my soul the peace it needed. I was released from a negative work environment, and was taken to my version of Rock Bottom.

But in the end after learning so much from all these experiences, I am 100% happier than I have ever been in my life. I had to go through the fire to get where I am. It has been worth every minute and every tear. It’s all because I ask for what I want and need. 

I ask for lots love and good friendships. I ask for teachers and opportunities to learn. I ask to have security in my life. I ask for all the good things I need to live happily and in peace. I ask for the life I truly want and guess what?

I've got it! Smiling from ear to ear.

Get to asking people!

Live the life!


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