Spiritual Awareness: The Beautiful Subtle Shift

“A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

If there is one thing that is a constant during the process of first awakening to becoming fully awakened is the shifting of your spirit. In the initial stages of awakening you may experience some dramatic changes to your personal life. Some of these shifts could show up as a loss of a loved one that jars your soul. Losing a job or dealing with a serious illness are other ways a spiritual awakening can emerge in a person’s life.

Each shift will feel like a shedding and an upgrade at the same time. Some of those shifts will be self- induced. There could be areas in your life where you have to release situations that are holding you back from growing. I believe that once we master those types of shifts, the ones we realize are important for our souls to push through; we will be able to walk our journey with a bit of ease.

Then there are the shifts that are very subtle. They are so subtle that you do not realize you have shifted until after the fact. These are the ones that occur during the realization that you are now fully awakened.

Recently during a set of conversations with friends I became aware that I had made another shift. These friends are ones who showed up at the early stages of my activation. We have all been walking together for a few years. We are a great means of support to each other; we have been learning and growing together.

However, for the first time during our conversations I started to feel misunderstood. I realized that I was grasping things at a different rate than they were. Worse, I was getting mildly frustrated with them and started the “truth speak” because my spirit became aware that I needed to alert them. I felt a need to do this because, if I was shifting, then they may be shifting soon.

Once again I was facing a change which usually results in me moving forward and leaving people behind, at least for a while. It feels like I am placing one foot on the next rung above me and they are one step behind me. It means a taking a momentary time out. We have to give each other space to grow. We are like trees, spreading out our branches and if we don’t grow upwards we will snarl, choke and slow down each other’s pace of growth.

While it does sadden me a bit, knowing that we will all need a timeout for a while, there is always a silver lining to ever situation. As I am slightly shifting away from some people I can feel that I am moving toward something else. I sense that the next group of people who will come into my life will be extremely important. As I move from the phase of telling, to a place teaching, I am sure I will attract those who will guide me through the next phase. As they say: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears!”  I am ready.

Also the time that my friends spend with themselves also gives them a chance to grow. It’s best to take the space now to keep the love and admiration strong. Relationships do not end, they just change.

In truth, I realize it really boils down to my personal goals and that is why I am shifting. I have a desire to help people through the process of spiritual activation and teach them how to lead rich, positive and meaningful lives. Because of that, I am constantly studying, learning and broadening my perspective.  It means reading a lot of information, more so than some of my friends. I also do not have a comfort zone; I am always pushing myself to learn or experience something new.

If you are dedicated to your experience you will have these enormous shifts. They are truly amazing because the clarity that accompanies them is mind-blowing. You will realize that your thoughts are more broad and in-depth than before. You will feel like a completely different person at times. There are even moments when you don’t feel fully human. You will wonder and realize that you were not living as fully as you are now. Life will take on a new glow and every moment is worth living fully.

So, embrace the shifts. Learn the secrets of your soul and marvel at the Wonders of the Universe.

Live the Divine Life!


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