Spiritual Awareness: The Magic Of Muir Woods

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people.
I thought, "This is what it is to be happy.”
Sylvia Plath

A few weeks ago, while I was minding my own business at work, I heard a loud inner command that said: “Do not stay in Houston for your birthday!” It was a very startling thought. My birthday was coming up and I did not have any specific plans, to say the least take a trip out of town. But the thought was so powerfully loud and intense, that I did not think twice and booked a flight to the Northern California Coast. I was excited about spending my birthday with close friends and family and checking out a few favorite places while I was there.

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When I finally arrived in Oakland, I kept questioning why I was being led away from my hometown. I thought about this as when my cousin picked me up from the airport and we immediately headed to Sonoma, to visit a few wineries. As we were driving through the green rolling hills, it slowly began to dawn on me that maybe it was nature calling out to me, and pulling me to that side of the country.

Sonoma County is beautiful, sunny, green, of a cool climate and lush. Here and there you’ll find pockets of vineyards. It’s a quiet town, very laid back and the residents are very hospitable. Of course the wine was superb.

However it was another natural attraction that was about to steal my heart, blow my mind and leave a lasting impression on my spirit. This was Muir Woods National Monument near San Francisco.

You’re probably wondering, what’s the big deal about a walk in a park full of trees? This is no ordinary park.  This is a redwood forest. If you have never seen a redwood tree in person, you are missing out. They are some of the tallest trees on the planet and have been around for over 2,500 years. It would take four of me to completely wrap around one tree, they are that wide. If these trees could talk, the stories they could tell us about life. 

As my friend Claire was leading me into the park at first I thought: “This is a just a bunch of trees in the woods”. Then I stepped into the clearing and gasped when I looked up at the magnificence of these trees. I instantly started to cry. Muir Woods is densely populated with redwood trees, and there is so much oxygen that you immediately feel good. It is very temperate, and even on a cool afternoon it was very comfortable. Despite that it was a free park holiday and it was crowded more so than normal, you were walking around mostly in silence and awe. There were no birds to be heard, nor were there any critters scampering around. I also did not see any insects. All I could see was tall, wide beautiful trees with creeks running in between. I wondered: "If I were stuck here after the park closed at night, would I see fairies and gnomes come out to play?" That is how magical it felt under the beautiful canopy of trees.

I have always said that nature is one of the best sources of energy. It grounds our spirit and helps us stay balanced. As my friend and I were walking arms linked together, we shared beautiful moments, cried and laughed. We breathed in the pure oxygen that in truth was air filled with love. When you really think about it all this beautiful flora can do is stand there in silence, at the same time tell us that everything on this planet is made of love, to love.

And that’s when I understood why I had been rooted out of my city last weekend. Compared to where I was, my city is not as lush. We don’t have redwoods, but we do have some pretty nice forests on the outskirts of town. I had to be taken far away from home to learn to appreciate what I have and the importance of going outside my comfort zone to get a good dose of free energy and natural love. I felt enormously happy from the whole experience. It was in fact the best birthday gift I could have ever asked for.

I also realized that I am learning to listen more intently and to respond faster to that inner voice when it tells me to do something. If I had not followed through on that inner encouragement, I would have stayed home and those close to me would have been far away. I would have been by myself at home because the weather was so bad this past weekend and no one would have been able to come out and celebrate my birthday with me. As much as I am a happy person, I can now see where that would have probably dampened my mood.

But because I LISTENED I was able to enjoy one of the best birthdays I have ever had. I was opened up more spiritually, mentally and emotionally by all my experiences in nature.

When I returned home I had a new agenda, and it is to build on that momentum of last weekend’s experience. I made a promise to myself to take more road trips around my state. Every few months I plan of visiting places where nature is powerful and prevalent. I plan on feeding my soul, until it explodes with more love than I could ever imagine.

You owe it to yourselves to get out there, really get out into nature and marvel at the free art that’s available to you. Fill up on that energy, and allow it to enrich your soul. Nature is intentionally placed here to add beauty to our experience.

Do not take it for granted.

Live the Life


P.S. It feels good to be back!

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