Spiritual Awakening: On The Spiritual Fast Track

Jamaican Sprinter Veronica Campbell

"Life is often compared to a marathon, but I think it is more like being a sprinter; long stretches of hard work punctuated by brief moments in which we are given the opportunity to perform at our best."
-Michael Johnson

I've always been a bit an over-achiever. Curiosity has yet to kill this Kat. So it stands to reason that if there's anything this spirit inside of me will do, it will be on the Accelerated Fast Track.

In five years I've accomplished what most people experience in ten years in an Awakening. I've been told it's because I lost twenty years of growth and my soul is trying to play catch up to its destiny. And I guess it does not help that I am consistently looking for ways to grow even more. 

The absorption of information, the ability to move through situations faster, the swiftness to understanding, and the passing of lessons at a rapid rate are actually normal for my circumstance. Someone who's had time to evolve usually goes through their courses over time and learns at a steady pace. I see the lessons, jump in, roll and bounce. I figure things out quite fast!

So while I've been thinking it's me that's on a bender it was comforting to be told this one sweet truth over the weekend: Most people will not understand me unless they are at my pace or ahead on the path. I'm normal for where I am!

A person can find themselves on the accelerated path when you are wide open and you are willingly interacting with the Force of Love. Also, if you diligently work to access as much information that is available and specific to your own life experience, you will be given the spiritual tools to accomplish the goal of creating the life you were meant to live.

So, what can you expect while you are walking the extremely real Spiritual Fast Track?

Rapid Kundalini Emergence:
It takes some people many years of tried and true methods to release the dormant energetic power of the Etheric or Vital Body. On the fast track when you are working to tune your spirit with its life source, do not be surprised if you have a sudden Kundalini emergence as I have. This amazing energy, once it has done its job of burning through your soul's dramas and blockages, becomes your best friend. It's the force that helps you get things done, among other things.

Rapid/Precise Decision Making:
Where I once took weeks or months to decide whether it was a good idea or not to do something, now it's easier to see things and make decisions with more speed and clarity. The spirit gets bored very easily and when it moves, it's a blur. Once you understand the situation which can happen pretty fast, you will respond quicker and move through things faster.

Information Overload:
Be careful what you ask for, because if you ask the Universe for answers you will get them and sometimes it can be very overwhelming. The more open and clear you are (in other words; a less dense spiritual, karmic soul) the more information filters through. At times it feels like flashes, literal bolts of lightning, and other times it's a long calm moment of: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Your intuition will sky-rocket.

Mental/Emotional Balance:
This is an awesome place to be. Once you recognize your karmic issues and focus on working through them, your emotional state becomes balanced. You become more whole, with your masculine and feminine sides to your spirit in full equilibrium. Your right and left brain are functioning more cohesively. As a woman I am less attached to situations, people or things. However I am more connected to the experience that situations can bring to me. I have less emotional upheavals because my logical brain can ascertain that most things are not worth getting upset over because I can understand the reason behind certain situations. The origin of suffering is Attachment so I am swift about letting go and releasing. I feel more joy, peace and happiness in life. I don't spend much time in negative emotions and rise really quickly if I get down. It's as if no situation can really take you to the dumps, so to speak. I also don't visit the past, or get too tied up hoping about things in the future. NOW, this moment, this place, is sublime.

Desire To Learn:
It is the most insatiable experience ever. You will feel as if you are constantly inhaling everything you can get your hands on. If you end up reading five books at time as I do, do not be surprised. If you have had an awakening, it feels like you were raised from the dead, and now you are starving. Your soul can't seem to learn enough. Some concepts that may have seemed over your head a few years ago are easier to grasp when you rapidly awaken. You also grasp your own mistakes faster and also tend not to live in the moment of making them very long. I used to beat myself up for screwing up. Now I do not.

Increase In Manifestations:
This can be downright fun and scary at the same time. You can go from:
ASK, to
Hmm...(Thought) and it shows up. For example: On a Friday I thought to myself: I want to try a particular job within the company I work for. The following Wednesday that same position was being presented to me. The amazing part is this opportunity is in complete line with my life's purpose. Things will start showing up in your life that you need. Depending on what it is and the variations that whatever you ask for has to traverse through, as you think it, so it will be. Manifestations work even more rapidly when your vibration is at its highest point, which is Love.

Creativity/Pure Energy/Vital Energy:
The ability to create is more effortless. Insane. Enough said.
I have more energy than I could ever ask for. I burn through calories like a mad-woman. I am constantly eating because of all the extra energy I am holding. People have told me that when they sit next to me or touch me they can feel me vibrating! The energy is amazing  You will need less sleep, even though it is still refreshing sleep, but you can work at an optimum pace. It takes less time to recuperate when you get to a lull and you will rarely get sick. I cannot remember the last time I caught sniffles. Allergy seasons go by and I never get affected anymore.

Recognition of Shifts and Transformations:
When you are really in tune with yourself, there are moments when you can literally feel the inner shifts that your spirit will take. You will feel "funny" or as if something inside your soul is "coming through". It will be a bit disconcerting to feel this at first, but you will get accustomed to it. But it is a moment to celebrate. With each shift it comes this indescribable peace as your soul has shucked off another layer of unconscious muck. 

These are just some of the things that can happen to you as you go down the fast track of a spiritual awakening. So, if you're feeling speedy, just know you're okay. You'll blow past people and not look back. But you'll start running with the spiritual sprinters and they are a fun bunch!

You'll make decisions faster, and you'll struggle less over things. You'll speak truth faster and clearer. You'll love deeper, faster, know what feels right and what is off and when to shift up to something higher. If you're going through it all fast, trust me when I tell you the Universe knows exactly why you are. So roll with it and maybe consider getting a Teflon Helmet!

Live the Life!


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