Spiritual Awareness: Feed Your Consciousness.Grow In Spirit!

“How would your life be different if...You were conscious about the food you ate, the people you surround yourself with, and the media you watch, listen to, or read? Let today be the day...You pay attention to what you feed your mind, your body, and your life. Create a nourishing environment conducive to your growth and well-being today.” 

The last six weeks have been spiritually intense for me. It has taken me this long to succinctly put the experiences I have been having into words. It seems like the moment I asked for opportunities to advance, all sorts of learning opportunities opened up for me. This is what happens when you become eagle-eyed focused on where you want to be and what you want to do in life.

The first opportunity was a lecture I attended by Deepak Chopra. I have to admit it took a while for my mind to adjust after submerging myself in the thoughts along the lines of quantum physics and spirituality. These are concepts I could not grasp ten, fifteen years ago. But here I am with an open brain and it’s amazing how your consciousness will expand when you fill it with meaty things. Our brains want to learn!

He talked about the location of our thoughts. He posed the question: Are our thoughts in our heads? No, we are accessing them from a field of consciousness outside of our bodies.  Speaking of the body, have you ever seen it as an Experience? It is because it constantly changes. I can also now fully appreciate that “I” is eternal, always there in existence and that we should always hold on to our I AM moments!

The next learning moment was in Muir Woods in Northern California. Not far outside of San Francisco is this amazing redwood forest, full of the most beautiful and substantial energy. I realized being there that not every teacher is human. Nature is one of our biggest instructors that we sometimes take for granted. I wrote about the experience here. I have to admit it was a life changing moment for me.

I closed out six-weeks of cerebral learning experiences this past weekend. I attended a James Van Praagh workshop. Before you jump out of your skin, I was not in attendance to learn how to read for people who have loved ones who have crossed-over, (they are not dead people!!!). It was more about expanding our state of awareness so that we can connect with each other more efficiently. As someone who is looking down to road with a desire to do more to help others, this was very important. We learned the importance of being empathic and always, always always, staying in a place of love.  We connected with complete strangers who we partnered with as he took us through different meditative exercises. I think he put us in different states of consciousness at least eight times in two days.

The last exercise of the two days was really moving.  We had to form two large circles, one inner and another outer, with people in the inner facing people across from them in the outer circle. We had to look into the eyes of the other person across from us for at least thirty to forty seconds, before a bell was rung and the outer circle shifted to the right and a new person was facing you. Five people in, my eyes started to water and by the time the tenth person was facing me, I had tears streaming down my face and my makeup was completely ruined. I felt so bad because other people started to cry as they stood in front of me. Looking into another person’s soul is a profoundly moving experience. You are looking past all their flaws and issues and really looking at the true beauty of who they are. They are you in essence. I learned so much about myself and my connection with others and the importance of remaining true to myself no matter what is swirling around outside of me.

Each and every one of us is truly a beautiful being on a life course on Earth. We are here to discover our purpose and help others to do the same through learning certain lessons along the way. We will be drawn to those who are just like us, reaching for more, and students of love, light and life. I am looking forward to learning more one on one through a set of courses that James has put together for those who sincerely desire to do more in helping others enjoy the journey of life to its fullest. I am truly excited about this wonderful learning opportunity.

I have always said that when you ask, you will receive and that things always happen for a reason. When the student is ready to truly learn a teacher will show up to guide them on the path. I am constantly asking to learn and understand how to walk more fully in my spirit. I am honing my intent behind all my actions and I see the results with those people who cross my path who are on a similar journey. Truths will surely come your way faster the more open you are, and your lessons are clearer and your get through them quickly. In just one weekend my level of awareness has skyrocketed and answers to questions are coming at warp speed. The vision is clearer and the momentum to move forward has increased, which means things are about to get really fascinating.

The path of every person is to learn, one way or another it will happen. We can choose to embrace the experience enthusiastically, or take our time. Either way is good. You can become aware and ride the bus, or you can be a driver. I guess at the rate I am going, I am a Driver.

I wish you all happy learning. Stay true to who you are and always live and serve from your heart space.

Live the Life!


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