Spiritual Awareness: Ride The 2015 Energetic Wave!

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don't.” 

2015 was primed to be a very important year for change. I have mentioned this before in a previous post that there was going to be an abundance of energy because people are slowly but surely raising their awareness. When one person makes an adjustment in their consciousness they become a catalyst for change. Raising up to any level of enlightenment is a step up for the soul. So it stands to reason if you are becoming more aware about who you are, why you are here and what your soul truly needs and desires, you will inadvertently shift all those within close personal vicinity of you.

The last two months have been exceptionally ripe for change. I have watched many friends make major life changes, whether it be changing a relationship, entering into a new one, changing careers, etc. I have spoken to quite a few people who are taking time to invest in the betterment of The Self. They are doing this with major soul-searching, reaching out to like-minded people or just taking life up a notch by discovering what they are here to do and make a viable contribution to Life!

Defining what one truly needs in order to feel a state of constant state of happiness, takes time, effort and honesty. For those of us nearing the middle section of lives, we are looking down the road and want to experience the best possible life that we can NOW. 

Where we once settled for things and tried to muster through, we are coming up with fine-tuned formulas on how to create a truly successful and meaningful life. What does not fit, no longer sits in our lives. It’s an endeavor toward progress and growth. It’s recognizing the powerful force that governs life and making every attempt to align with it.

Living in truth and honesty is tantamount to growth. Fear minimizes and constricts life. A person living in fear fretfully holds on to the past and holds anxiety about the future. A person living truth and love is living NOW. Once you realize life is just a series of experiences everything becomes bigger, and brighter. There are less questions and so many more answers.

So if you have been exposed to the energy that has picked up speed at the beginning of the year, keep pressing forward. Know that despite change being challenging, any change for the better is beautiful. Pay attention to patterns that have held you back and release them. Within the energy that has been growing the struggle to release what no longer serves your soul will not be as great as it may have been two years or so ago.

Learn to listen to that inner voice which gets clearer as you become more aware of life. It does not matter what age are, discover your passion and life purpose and stay focused on that goal. You no longer have to work so hard to make anything work and life becomes a joy. Things will just fall into place as it was always meant to be! Just stay in-sync with unconditional love, build your emotional health one day at a time, feed your mind things of value and worth, and keep your thoughts positive. 

Always ask for the specific tools, experiences and people who are part of YOUR life’s purpose. When you are living in On Purpose your life will fall into its natural spiritual flow. It will feel so vastly good and different, but you will know that it’s right! Every day is peaceful within and that is how you will know you are on path!

Enjoy life, you deserve it. For some of us it’s been a long time coming.

Live the Life!


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