Positivity: Wait For It. Don’t Settle

“It is better to stay single and wait for the one that makes sense then to marry someone that makes absolutely no sense. The moment you settle is when the one person that makes all the sense in the world shows up and Satan sits back and enjoys your spiritual meltdown.”
― Shannon L. Alder

You would be surprised at what people are willing to settle for.

Having been in an abusive situation, I know all the signs of a person who has no desire to make the adjustments needed to put a relationship on a better path. No matter how many opportunities the person is given, no matter how many promises are made, the behavior does not change. In these cases the change needs to be made, not for the sake of the relationship, but within the person who is causing the disturbance. It is they who must get better for themselves.

It takes great courage to walk away from a relationship where you can see promise. But in the case where there is questionable behavior or attitudes, there is no guarantee that you will emotionally survive to see that promise fulfilled. When a person walks away, it’s usually a sign that they know what they truly deserve and that there is something better. They have or are getting to a place where they have outgrown the relationship and are more than likely moving towards a more emotionally healthy state.

If one has a hard time walking away from a situation that is emotionally unhealthy that is a huge red flag that indicates there is some emotional work to be done. But as I have said you would be surprised at the types of situations that people are willing to put up with, just because they fear being alone.

What a lot of people don’t know is that I have willingly done my time in a couple of great psychologists’ offices. I have learned a great deal about psychology because of a desire to understand myself and others. One thing that I have always appreciated is the importance of taking care of myself and my emotional well-being. I have learned that my spirit needs to be in tip top form if I am going to be an effective partner to anyone. Whatever kinks there may be, I learned very early on to face myself and deal with them head on. One relationship took me there, and I have learned. I am now better equipped to listen to my inner voice and to identify people who come into my life who may still have some inner work to do. They usually don’t get very far into my space and I don’t waste much time trying work with a person, who does not want to work with themselves.

The trade-off to loving and healing yourself is peace of mind. When you are not putting yourself is a position of getting hurt in some way, or you are not hurting anyone intentionally by your behavior, you truly hold a peaceful spirit. When you create a healthy emotional energy for yourself, you are then able to attract healthier relationships that will expand your life.

It may mean that your dating experience may not be as robust, but it will be of better quality. Your special friendships and relationships will more than likely be built around openness, honesty, dignity, integrity, trust and loyalty. You will also have a better idea of where these relationships are headed as you draw to yourself what your heart truly desires and deserves.

Never settle. Settling  has a connotation of going to the bottom of something, of being at a lower point.

Always rise. Lift yourself up and stay there. Don’t worry, the right person will find you.

Have a great week.

Live the Life.



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