Spiritual Awakening: The Recent Universal Upgrade. (AKA-The Shove)

“Everything that seemingly happens externally is occurring in order to trigger something within us, to expand us and take us back to who we truly are.”
― Anita Moorjani

It was a Wednesday night about two weeks ago when I was awakened in the early morning hours to the winds of a fading Tropical Storm Bill. I have heard those types of winds before. They are Winds of Change and they usually carry a certain energy about them. I actually got out of bed and stood outside listening and I felt that the changes those winds were bringing would be good ones. I felt as if something had shifted. As a matter of face, I know something had occurred, because when I went back to bed my body was treated to a little “inner fire” massage. I was wide awake when it started, which is rare! It was quite yummy! That Kundalini surge fired up because the universal energy had created a shift upwards in my energy. It was that powerful.

Now I thought that I was the only one that sensed this shift or maybe I should call it a shove. Well to my surprise I received a text message from my girlfriend the next day. She asked me: “Did you feel the shift last night?” I gasped! She lives on the West Coast, but she also felt like something big had moved. This conversation led me to reach out to some of my other friends and everyone agreed that something felt very different. The energy had shifted and we were all feeling it in different ways and had different reactions and responses to the Shove!


I suspect a few things contributed to the shift that we all felt. On Wednesday evening June 17th, nine people were shot and killed in a Charleston, South Carolina church. They were murdered solely because of the color of their skin. That news slowly found its way across the U.S. overnight. In light of the recent incidents of racial tension in the nation, I would not be surprised if silently many people said: Enough is enough. This incident was so black and white, so clearly cut along racial color lines, that there was no way of avoiding a silent revolt. This unified feeling of discontent pushed spiritual buttons and created an avalanche of emotion that you could certainly feel.

I also sensed that a shift is occurring as a group of people a few steps behind are waking up. Remember that 2015 is a big year for change and we are at the end of six months of this momentum. Those people who decided that this was their year to make significant life changes are adding energy to the atmosphere. They may be seeing a lot of personal progress in their lives. That energy shoved those of us who are a bit ahead forward into another opening of awareness. These shifts start with our thoughts and if a lot of people are thinking or feeling the same thing, there will be a palpable sense of movement in the atmosphere. Many of us are extremely sensitive and we feel it ten-fold.  

So what are the different effects of this recent shift? There are emotional, mental, physical and most certainly spiritual symptoms of this upgrade.

Here is what I have noticed among people (like myself) whose awareness tends to be a bit high:

1.   A huge shift in positive energy. I know most of my friends and I are feeling super-duper good. A definitively new vibration. A fullness of emotional and mental well-being. A very solid feeling of peace and calm. Someone asked me if I remembered the last time I cried over a hurt and I could not recall. I am not affected, because I understand things/people on a whole other level. I am completely healthily detached from dramatic life-sequences.
2.  A physically energetic balancing out of from the last few months. Finally, because we were all complaining about it. We felt over-charged, and hyper-driven. I also know I was absorbing all kinds of people energy and had to work hard to even out.
3.  Awareness has kicked up a huge notch. I was driving around town and everything looks different, feels different.  My concentration and clarity is very acute; meaning, I am very aware than I am more aware. My intuition is also in overdrive.
4.  I feel more connected to the Universe/God/Whatever-it-is and the information is constant. I am meditating much more also and coming away with more useful information. I am learning to wait for direction to ‘drop in’ and not pester the Universe as much.
5.  I cannot seem to stop reading or absorbing information. All my friends and I spent an entire weekend group texting each other what we were reading. It is also the subject matter that I am reading that is interesting. Now I am ready to hear this information, because it does not seem as far-fetched as it would have when I first started to awaken. A lot of questions are being answered and now I really understand why I ended up on this path and how to fine-tune my purpose.
6.  Abundance in gratitude. Extreme thankfulness for everything that has happened, good and challenging.

Now if you are mid-stage down the Awareness Highway:

1.   You know you have felt different in the last two weeks.
2.   You know something is changing and you feel like you have no control. It seems things that were fine a year ago are now completely different.
3.   You are emotional. One moment you are fine, the next minute you feel low. This is because the shift is stirring up emotions that need to be released. Because the process feels uncomfortable, you to start to resist. Take my advice, listen to your spirit. It is trying to rid itself of old habits, beliefs, behaviors and its negative mind-set. You may want to get on the ball now and begin to let go of what is pulling you down, because the next Shove/Shift is going to push more to the surface.
4.    Battling of the Ego. Your spirit is trying to lead you in the right direction, and you can hear it. But now you can clearly see how your Ego will show up and begin to sabotage the whole process. I bet you did not know that the Ego was a real thing, huh? Get ready to rumble.
5.    Some of you will start cocooning. This starts out with a feeling of loneliness or feeling lost. You may even try to reach out to people and realize you cannot find anyone to distract you. It’s part of the awareness path. Your soul is searching for quiet time so it can hear what it needs to make the next transition. Disappear. Fall off the radar. Be quiet as much as you can so you can hear your soul really speak to you for the first time.   

These are just some of things that my friends have shared with me. I have even spoken to people who I don’t normally discuss my journey with and they can sense something is different. I am sure you may have noticed some of your own. Feel free to chime in and share.

This is a great time to learn more about Spiritual Awakenings. As more of us shift deeper into our awareness, you will find more people sharing their stories. While the experience can have its high and low moments, what you are actually working toward is a place of consistently elevated and positive living. The shifting is hard at first. However, as you shed all the dead weight and karma that you have been dragging around for many years, the shifts start to feel amazingly good. Cartwheeling down the street good! Giggly-good. Hug yourself, slap your Momma good!

They feel so consistently good that if you are as empathic as I am, when you do feel a bit off, you start looking around for the person in the funky mood!

So be good to yourself, and speak kindly to your spirit. Breathe. Ride the Shove. Get plenty of rest and take good care of your heart. Develop love and tenderness for yourself first and let it overflow to all other things outside of you!

Have a great week. Live the life!


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