Spiritual Awakening: You Asked For This!

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” 
-Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Long before you arrived at this place where you are noticing things you never have before, long before you started to feel better about life, you asked for something. No, it was not the major wake up call you received that day that made you stop and pay attention. This little unknown event occurred probably unbeknownst to you. You did not realize that you were asking for help, through that groaning deep within your soul that was unsaid.

Perhaps it was a long winded sigh over something that in a clear moment you wished you did not have to deal with. Perhaps your heart experienced one more tiny fracture from another harsh word said or a hurtful act done to you. Maybe before you fell asleep one night, your last thought was a fragment of a dream you had been replaying in your mind that brought solace to your soul. Maybe it was the moment you turned off the radio on your drive to work because you suddenly realized that the music was not doing the job of cheering you up. It could have been the realization your soul was tired, but you had no choice to keep going about life. Or it could have been all those days when sleeping for 20 hours seemed normal for you.

You see, long before you awakened, there was a moment that something gave way and allowed for events to fall into place that would lead you right here. Those holding superior opportunities have always been standing by, not getting directly involved in your life, but watching over you, waiting for the moment your soul silently asked for help. It is from that moment events were orchestrated to begin the shifting work to get things in place to help you get on your path.

If you look back to see where you have come from, it may seem like things were in slow-motion then, and you are correct, they were. You were slowly, bringing into manifestation (with some help) a better life. However it was much slower because you were carrying a much heavier load. As your load lightened, things began to accelerate. Because you feel lighter and brighter, good things fall into your hands much faster, which makes life more enjoyable and keeps you in a higher vibrational state of well-being. It only gets better with each passing day.

If you have survived a certain amount of hardship and adversity in your life, you probably find yourself in moments of complete amazement. You keep looking back in wonder at how much life has changed. You have read the stories but you never expected to become your own beautiful story. And maybe that is why you awakened, so you can see your splendid truth and share it with others.

I cannot tell you where you will go from here. But I can shed some light. Maybe you are feeling better about things but you are still struggling with a bit of the physiological symptoms of awakening.  I am here to tell you, that they do subside, so hang in there. Or it could be that you are facing the truth about yourself and you are finding it a bit startling. Guess what? You are going to fall so much in love with what you are, so give yourself time to discover what is amazing about you. That is one of the biggest promises about waking up from the stupor.

Maybe you are suddenly realizing that some people are no longer fitting in your life and the thought of losing them brings about much pain. I am going to tell you something that will lift your heart. If they have been there all this time, they will be there down the road. For now though, you will be able to release them because just as you need to grow, so do they. Release them with love and look forward to seeing them when they finally wake up.

There are so many things that get better. Even if you thought that life was okay in the past, now that you can see there is a whole different way of living and being, you will continue to make the right steps to keep yourself on this momentum.

Now that you have looked back and you have seen how far you have traveled, can you appreciate and celebrate where you are NOW? Can you also feel how good, and how completely valuable your life experience will be? Stay excited!

I was there. Now I am here. I am telling you…It is AMAZING!

Live the Life!


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