Spiritual Awareness: Animals: The Other Soul Mate.

“When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal.
I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”
 -Anthony Douglas Williams

I have wanted to write about my affection and affinity for our fellow animal species for a long time, ever since Debbie first asked me to write about my personal passion for Vivadivine. At first, I was excited and willing to do it until I literally stopped myself in my tracks. Why did I stop myself from writing about this affection that I’ve had since I could remember? I truly didn’t know or understand why I couldn’t get myself to write down what was true in my heart. Why was I having such a hard time articulating these thoughts and feelings I have regarding animals?

For the longest time I didn’t have an answer so I just didn’t write about it. Now, I have come to the conclusion that one reason is because the subject of animals is one that deserves more than just one blog entry from someone who has had these feelings since she was born. What do I cover? My personal relationship with animals throughout my life? Humanity's relationship with animals since the beginning of time? Or animals relationship to humanity and the Earth? There are so many avenues that I could take that it is overwhelming in my mind, much less to actually put down in writing.

With all of this said there is one thing I know for sure. No one can speak of becoming spiritually aware and evolved without truly understanding not only their own relationship to themselves and other Human Beings, but to all Beings as well. We as human beings are not in this alone, we have others to consider, respect, and incorporate. These entries may be hard for some to understand or validate since not all people have a reverence for animals to begin with. For others, it may deeply resonate with them too. Regardless of your understanding, all the more reason for me to write these entries.

I felt what a great opportunity for those who don’t quite see animals the same way to have a peak into the mind of the humans who care for animals. To perhaps help even one mind open up to the possibilities of love to help further along the spiritual process. Dare I be so hopeful or arrogant to assume such things? One never knows what you’ll find until you open your hearts and minds and begin a new path on an already exciting one.

I feel it’s important to write about one’s own personal experiences first so the reader can get a ‘bird’s eye view’ (pun intended) of that person’s perspective to better understand the subject altogether. We are no more than the sum of all our parts so why not start with one. So here goes...

From my earliest memories as a young girl, I can remember always caring about animals. I think sometimes I either got it from my father or it was intrinsically born into me from the beginning. Either way my relationship with my father was a very difficult one growing up but it was the one mutual interest we both shared. Some of the only positive experiences of my father revolved around animals, therefore making it an important part of my childhood for me. I will reveal more about that in later entries.

For now, I can’t exactly pinpoint when and where this affection began but I do remember being very sensitive to animal suffering from the start. Whether it was when watching a movie where an animal was hurt or my own personal experiences, my ability to sympathize and empathize with animals has been with me my whole life. My first ‘pet’ was a hamster bought for me by my parents that I named Lisa. She was the first animal in my ‘care’ that I came to love and interact with that I still can remember the day when my mom woke me up from a nap and told me she had died. I had cried then and remembered how special she was to me as a little girl to realize that these special little creatures sure don’t last very long. Two years to be exact. Such is the life of a hamster in captivity I suppose, although I can’t imagine them lasting too long in the wild either.

As I grew up my family would come to "own" two dogs and three horses. We would have had more animals but my mother wasn’t a big animal person like my father and me so there was a limit put on the number of furry critters we could have amongst us. My mother came to love the dogs in our care but never really had deep feelings about animals. Perhaps it had to do with an unfortunate childhood incident that involved a bad dog bite and a subsequent series of rabies shots afterwards.

Keep in mind that was the 1950’s and such things are no longer common place.

You see, caring about animals doesn’t mean being free from pain and suffering or those ‘bad’ things won’t happen to you or the animal. It just means that your love for them supersedes any negative or ‘bad’ thing that may or may not happen. Having animals in your life is one of the greatest expressions we can have. It is a special relationship, one that requires love, patience, understanding and ultimately compassion. In order for someone to care about animals, they must see things through the eyes of the animal first.

Until next time, enjoy your four, six or multiple legged soul mates!

Writer Michelle Killic is a mom and an avid animal lover. We appreciate her amazing insights and look forward to future posts to Vivadivine! 

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