Spiritual Awareness: Being Aware of the Unaware.

“Empaths did not come into this world to be victims, we came to be warriors. Be brave. Stay strong. We need all hands on deck.”
 ― Anthon St. Maarten

I came across the great article on the Huffington Post that I shared on Vivadivine Facebook today. It was titled: How Highly Sensitive People Interact With The WorldDifferently. If you read the article you will probably see a top comment made by a reader who articulately summed up the life of a HSP. He said:

“I feel the need to chime in here, being diagnosed with sensitivity problems. People should be aware that to a sensitive person you are entirely transparent. We will pick up on things you aren't aware of and discover your motives long before you are ready to reveal them. We know when you are lying. We know when you are being patronizing. We know when you intend to rip us off. We know when your politics mask an underlying self-worship and hatred of others. We detect condescension immediately.

Most of us avoid conflict and retreat, however there are others that have a low threshold for moral outrage and are more likely to become apoplectic. I fall into the apoplectic category and have found that since I have a hard time stifling my moral outrage it is better to avoid being among people I do not know, and I definitely stay away from the police for fear of what might fly out of my mouth. Do not assume that sensitive people are wimps, it is far more likely that we are hyper-aware and have very short fuses. -Lars Carlson “

I concur with what he said about other people are entirely transparent to an HSP or someone who is extremely empathic as I am. But it goes beyond that at times. Once you get to a place of clear awareness and add that to the highly intuitive mode of a HSP, you almost feel as if you understand people, when they do not even understand themselves.

What people don’t pay much attention to is that behind every action there is intent or a motivation. For the most part what people see is the reaction most people exhibit when they are frustrated, angry or sad. Sensitive can people read the energy and feel emotions behind that reaction. That is why when someone is lying to us or worse, lying to themselves, we can instantly see through it. That is why when someone blows their lid we can sense the real hurt that the reaction is stemming from.   

At times I find myself so acutely aware that a person is completely unaware of themselves. It is the most bizarre thing to observe a person behave in a way and know why they are acting the way they are. I can even take it a step further if I chose to and can almost ascertain what age range the person may have learned a certain behavior that they have carried from childhood into their adult years. I recall interacting with a grown woman once and feeling as if I was dealing with a frustrated teenager. Well I was not surprised to find out that she experienced a traumatic event when she was seventeen years old.

People are also under the false impression that silence will prevent a person from knowing how someone really feels. A very sensitive person will pick up the energy behind that silent treatment. Energy and thought vibration travel much faster than words. Words are very dense energies. So an HSP or an empath will feel everything that you do not say out loud.

I usually caution people who start to awaken and grow in their awareness that there is a place of information overload. You become so sensitive or intuitive that it is easier to know and see. You will be able to look at any situation you are facing and see the middle and the end. You will know if something is going to end well or not. When dealing with others you will see situations unfold in your foresight long before they actually play out in that person’s life. And this is where things get dicey.  Each person has their own journey and lessons that need to unfold to help them grow. Sometimes you see things and say nothing and then there are other times when you are choking on information that needs to be expressed. It can be very overwhelming. Each person has to find their own way of managing the sensitivity.

As you grow into your own sensitive awareness, you will consider it more of a blessing than a curse. Why? You have the heads up and the upper hand in most situations. You can extract yourself from situations or away from people who do not have your best interest at heart. You can guide your life more effectively, because you begin to learn how to listen to that inner voice and see how well it starts to lead you. The awareness and sensitivity only makes life better is you learn how to utilize it and use it wisely. 

Below are some great articles that are a great place to start if you are just realizing how beautifully sensitive you are.

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Live the Life!


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